DigiTimes – The Official Newsletter of the DigiByte Awareness Team (DGBAT)
July 11, 2018
Introducing: DigiByte Awareness Team (DGBAT)
August 30, 2018

DigiTimes – The Official Newsletter of the DigiByte Awareness Team (DGBAT)


Volume 1 Issue #2 August 2018

H ello DigiByte Community!

Time to reconnect with DGBAT through our community newsletter. Here, you will find updates on our activities, news from the DigiByte Foundation, and from the DigiByte core team.


DGBAT has obtained an independent legal opinion from a reputable law firm on where our digital assets (DGB coins) fall under U.S. securities law. The conclusion was that DGB failed to satisfy any of the four prongs of the Howey test and therefore cannot be classified as a security. We welcome this analysis but are aware that this is just one opinion; the final say lies with the U.S. Securities Exchange Commission.


DGBAT launched a general fund to finance our outreach and marketing operations in May. As of July 25, we have raised 247,000 DGB. 150,000 DGB has already been converted to fiat to complete the first tranche of legal fees. Thank you to the DGB community for continuing to give so generously. If you are considering donating to the general fund, please do so only through official sources. Beware of scammers posting fake DGBAT wallet addresses and sending private funding requests to your inbox.

DGBAT Fund Address: DJvsm5mCp4a3YsJXxxiLk9MDWVwvrFDPm3

You can follow our progress at



DigiByte App for iOS is now available on the App Store! Store, send and received DGB right from your iPhone or iPad! Learn more here. Many thanks to our core team and our developers who have worked tirelessly on this project. We are also pleased to share that DGBAT has successfully campaigned for DGB to be listed on three new exchanges Cryptopia, Huobi, Jaxx and is now also available on Bitbox. DGBAT also scored with payment gateway UTRUST, which integrated DigiByte technology this past month. As of July 13, community members can purchase DGB with Visa or MasterCard via ABRA in over 30 countries. Don’t forget our ongoing partnership with Crypto Bantam to provide our community with DGB paraphernalia. Any time you shop with DGBAT referral links, the general fund will be credited with 10-50% of the sales price, depending on the specific items. Get your DGB gear and support DGBAT at the same time. We call that a win-win situation! Here are the links:



Awareness Campaigns

DGBAT has a dedicated YouTube channel where we post videos promoting the DigiByte Blockchain. Please subscribe to our channel (DigiByte Awareness Team), like our videos and leave any questions or suggestions in the comment section. We would love to hear from you!

Our World Cup Golden Boot Campaign (where we were going to donate 10,000DGB to the top scorer’s charity of choice) has remained unclaimed. The funds will be donated to the larger DigiByte community-wide Venezuela campaign, as they were unclaimed. You can learn more about the Venezuela campaign here.

DGBAT gave a few more YouTube interviews this month, both with @CryptoMentor99. Check out what @LTaylor has to say about creating awareness and education in the blockchain space, especially among DGB supporters. @DevonC gives an in-depth interview on Digi-ID (it’s okay if you never really understood what it was all about, you will now, your secret is safe with us).

Work is far advanced on the new DGBAT website that will be a one-stop shop for all outreach, marketing and educational materials. Watch out for dgbat.org, coming next month!

Social Media

DGBAT is not only present on major social media sites but also active in growing our following.

You can find us on:

Facebook – https://www.facebook.com/DigiByteCommunityGroup

Instagram – https://www.instagram.com/DigiByteWhite/

Twitter – https://twitter.com/DGBAT_Official/

Snapchat – @DGBCoin

Telegram – https://web.telegram.org/#/im?p=@DigiByteCoin

LinkedIn – https://www.linkedin.com/company/digibyte-blockchain/

DigiByte websites

For reliable DigiByte information:

Blockchain – https://www.digibyte.io/

Foundation – https://digibytefoundation.org/

Materials – https://promotedgb.com/

Guide – http://www.digibyteguide.com/

DGBAT Hall of Fame

Our community member for the month of July goes to @Nigel, who led the team that sealed the Huobi listing.

Connect with us

Email the editor: info@dgbat.org

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