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September 16, 2018
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September 17, 2018

DigiByte Joins Africa Blockchain Alliance

Promoting blockchain awareness and education in Africa

[Johannesburg, September, Monday 10th, 2018]  DigiByte Blockchain has joined the Africa Blockchain Alliance (ABA). ABA is building the blockchain ecosystem in Africa through a multifaceted platform to promote education, entrepreneurship, and policy development. The goal is to support innovations built on blockchain technology that will be used to solve key problems faced in Africa and around the globe.

This membership provides the DigiByte Awareness Team (DGBAT) the opportunity to develop relationships with blockchain associations, exchanges, local and national governments, as well as private enterprises in over 40 countries in Africa.

DGBAT has also formed a partnership with the ABA to provide mentorship and education for the DigiByte community. Through workshops and events, the DigiByte Awareness Team, as well as the greater DigiByte community, will further explore collaborative possibilities for development on the DigiByte Blockchain.

“The future for blockchain development across Africa is unprecedented. We applaud the proactive strategy of the ABA to create a unified pan-African blockchain network and strongly feel the DigiByte community will be an outstanding advocate for their efforts,” Nana Esi Hammah, economist and outreach associate, DGBAT.

“ We look forward to advancing the development of the Blockchain Ecosystem in Africa with DigiByte, especially the integration and ushering of our communities into the Digital revolution to develop value adding and job creating use cases to transform the African continent” Abubaker Mayanja, Executive Director, Africa Blockchain Alliance.


About the DigiByte Awareness Team:
The DGBAT is a community driven marketing and education campaign to promote awareness and utilization of the DigiByte Blockchain. For additional information about DGBAT, please contact or visit


About the Africa Blockchain Alliance:

Africa Blockchain Alliance (ABA) was founded in 2017 to equip each and every stakeholder with the best Blockchain education, acumen and tools to shape Africa’s future. ABA has partners in U.S.A, Senegal, Ethiopia, U.K, Namibia, Zimbabwe, Kenya, Uganda and other locations. It regularly brings Blockchain stakeholders together in various African cities to educate, provide advisory and training services as well as building the largest community of blockchain enthusiasts on the continent.

For additional information about the ABA, please visit or contact

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