Digibyte (DGB) – V-ID to use Digibyte blockchain: The DGB ecosystem is growing
September 17, 2018
DigiByte — Superior with never a Single Point Of Failure
September 26, 2018

DGB+SWFT = Success

DigiByte (DGB) is proud to be a part of the SWFT one-stop, cross-blockchain transfer exchange. DigiByte fits perfectly with the SWFT platform because of its high integrity in the ICO-dominated Cryptoshpere. DigiByte has never been an ICO. Moreover, it is a technology that has been proven in real-world applications for over four years.


DigiByte is not only its own blockchain (it is not an ERC20/223 token), it is the longest, most secure blockchain in existence. With the creation and implementation of innovative technologies such as DigiShield, MultiShield, and Segwit, and the use of five-algorithm ultra-decentralized mining, DigiByte is five times more secure than Bitcoin. Just ask Z-Cash, Dogecoin, and Bitcoin Gold – each has implemented technology pioneered by DigiByte.


Moreover, DigiByte’s transactions per second make it one of the speediest and most scalable cryptocurrencies in the world. DGB is currently forty times faster than bitcoin, and will surpass Visa’s transactions per second in the future. Each transaction costs less than one one-hundredth of one cent.


With so many real-world applications available on the DigiByte blockchain, DigiByte looks forward to being a frequently traded and used blockchain in the SWFT one-click transfer system.


John Larochelle


Providence, Rhode Island

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