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September 26, 2018
The need to support DGBAT
September 26, 2018

How can you help make mass adoption a reality for DigiByte?

My first entry into the DigiByte Marketing Channel was like most others. I wanted to see what marketing initiatives were being carried out and being planned. I also wanted to help my own investment, if possible. It was difficult at first as I was trying to navigate my way around a decentralized community. At first, I was looking for direction from others and then it finally dawned on me that I could contact exchanges and businesses on my own. I used my personal email and started to make contacts. Sometimes I received a quick yes, but most of the time I either received an automated response or a no. After making contacts for over a year now, I learned that it is a process. It can be a very slow process getting to a “yes”.

A common misconception by many is that one event or one magical moment will lead to the mass adoption of DigiByte. Rather consider that mass adoption will most likely happen one merchant or vendor at a time. This is where you can help. There are hundreds, if not thousands, of on-line businesses that accept crypto but do not yet accept DigiByte. You can google vendors that accept Bitcoin and then work the list. You can do it on your own or start a telegram channel and add like minded community members and create a spreadsheet and split up the task. If someone else has previously made contact with the same business that is OK. If you want to keep your email private it’s easy to create a new Gmail account. Literally anyone can do this. If the business has additional questions that you cannot answer reach out to the other community members and they will help you find the answers. Keep the emails and tweets professional and don’t spam the business. If you do not get a positive response at first wait 3–4 weeks and try again. Always be respectful to the business so that the door stays open for the future. Don’t worry about putting yourself out there and making a mistake. We all have made mistakes.

If you have a special skill set and would like to contribute in a different way the sky is the limit of what you can accomplish. The worst possible thing to do is to sit around and criticize others while not making an effort yourself. All of us know “someone” that works “somewhere” that may end up a potential contact and open up an opportunity. It’s enjoyable to volunteer in this type of a community setting. Any accomplishments I have been a part of have been a team effort. What are you waiting for? Go for it!!!!

Glenn, Exchanges and Business Contact

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