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Who Will Guard The Guard?
October 9, 2018
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The Problem With DigiByte
October 23, 2018


digibyte digitorial

Last week I spoke to a fund manager at the Rabobank, about blockchain and cryptocurrency. Although he believes in the application of blockchain technology in general, he would never advise customers to invest in cryptos and they are not considering starting a crypto investment fund either.

First reason is, he thinks there is no future for cryptos or at least cryptos will never play an important role. The second reason is that, he thinks it’s much too volatile and the third reason is that, cryptos have a bad name and too often are being associated with scam projects and money laundering.

I disagree with him on the first two points, because I do think cryptos will become much more important in future, and I think volatility will become less when adoption rises. I do agree with him on the last point. There is too much negativity around cryptos in general and because of that there are still too many people remaining somewhat skeptical. It’s time to clean up and get scam projects and exchanges removed. There are too many of them, and it’s burying the good, working and proven projects.


How did it get that far in the first place?

If something occurs, where it seems easy to make a lot of money without government involvement and regulations, it doesn’t go unnoticed by criminals. Too many ICO’s are questionable, and so are some teams behind some projects. We should encourage regulations and clear rules to protect consumers.

It’s a shame that real good projects or exchange-platforms are, too often, not being recognized. With almost 2000 projects and new exchanges popping up almost every week, it is very hard for investors to do proper research and distinguish the good from the bad. However, you just can’t generalize all projects and exchanges. Therefore, decent research is required before investing in a project.

Research in to DigiByte will show, the project is over 4.5 years old, was never an ICO and no company behind it. It’s proven and working with real use-cases. DigiByte has the best features in regards to speed, scalability and security, when compared to other projects. But even more important, a research of the team and the community will show that DigiByte is being driven by a truly decentralized team and a very large community.

Because of the negativity in this space, DigiByte feels compelled to come forward, and show the world and everyone new to this space, that DigiByte will never compromise its most important core values like integrity, truth and transparency.

It’s the best policy to come forward, if you see a possibility to liberate humanity from injustice and domination.

Written by: Rudy Bouwman | CMO & Co-Founder of the DigiByte Awareness Team

@RudyBouwman (https://twitter.com/RudyBouwman)


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