digibyte digitorial
October 16, 2018
digibyte digitorial
Crypto In The Real World
October 30, 2018

The Problem With DigiByte

digibyte digitorial

DigiByte’s biggest problem is, among problems in the cryptocurrency world, a good one to have. It’s not its technology; DigiByte’s technology has been proven, upgraded, and is currently being used in real-world applications. It’s not its speed, scalability, or volatility; DigiByte is a leader in all three categories. It’s not speculation-based or lacking in ethics; DigiByte’s founder has stuck by his creation for years, forsaking opportunities to chose making more money over making better technology. DigiByte has helped thousands of struggling Venezuelans with schools, shelters, and groceries.

If you believe in DigiByte’s technology, purpose, and ethics, DigiByte needs your help. You are here researching cryptocurrency, learning more about DigiByte, and at this moment reading this accusatory paragraph. DigiByte’s main problem, is, jarringly, you.

Without you, awareness of this amazing technology will remain with you and a limited number of cryptocurrency enthusiasts. With you, DigiByte can change the world, making the lives of millions better. Will you consider sharing a letter like the one below with your local newspaper, your technology newsletter, your college newspaper, your local technology segment of your radio program, your favorite podcast, or as the basis of a school writing assignment?

Spending nine minutes of your time to copy-paste this letter and send it to a potential awareness-enhancer may make the difference between mass-awareness and world-wide use or a footnote in the history of the beginnings the cryptocurrency. Will you help change the world?

Mainstream Media Letter

I hope this finds you well. I have an exciting story about a new technology. Moreover, its a story about how a good-hearted inventor has taken it upon himself to try to change the world.

Growing up in an area so remote that it is the first town to have been powered by nuclear energy, Jared Tate began building rockets. His interest in inventing and technology never dimmed. When his father suffered a massive accident, Jared returned home to take care of him. In his free time, he invented the most sophisticated and secure blockchain technology known to man.

Unlike most people in the cryptosphere, Jared never put himself first; Jared always put his technology first. In fact, he has given his technological advances away to competitors. ZCash and DogeCoin are just two examples of cryptocurrencies that have successfully implemented the technology Jared created. Jared insisted his technology remain open-source; he has refused opportunities to sell-out for millions.

You have probably never heard of Jared’s technology – DigiByte. But you will. Those who have been exposed to DigiByte technology have individually massed a grass-roots movement to bring Jared’s relatively unknown technology to the world.

This spring at MIT and Harvard, Jared showcased how DigiByte is the most efficient and fastest blockchain technology. DigiByte is the the only blockchain capable of surpassing Visa’s transactions per second. Its also the technology with the least expensive transaction fees – less than 1/1000 of one penny per transaction.

Think of the implications of that. Millions of Filipino overseas workers send 28 billion dollars back to their families at home. Western Union takes hundreds of millions in fees. DigiByte would put those millions directly into the hands of the people in the world who need it most: third-world families.

There is so much more to this story. DigiByte is being used now in real-world in applications such as DiguSign and Digi-ID. Launched in May, Digi-ID uses blockchain-backed cryptography to replace usernames and passwords. Implementing Digi-ID will therefore eliminate one of the biggest problems in our world today – cybersecurity and data breaches. Like the other technologies in DigiByte, Digi-ID is free for all to use.

Do you want to break the story of the future now? Interview Jared. If you give fifteen minutes of your research time to see what DGB can do, no more convincing will be necessary. You will know that you have the hottest story on blockchain and the future.

Who says one person can’t change the world?


Written By: John LaRochelle, Esq

Twitter: @John_The_Lawyer (https://twitter.com/John_The_Lawyer)

Providence, Rhode Island.

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