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November 7, 2018
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November 11, 2018

DigiByte to be integrated with XEEDA Mobile Hardware Wallet

XEEDA Mobile Hardware Wallet

Premium cold storage safety with easy-to-use, mobile flexibility


Amsterdam, November 8, 2018, The DigiByte Awareness Team (DGBAT) is pleased to announce that DigiByte will be integrated with the XEEDA ecosystem.


One of the biggest challenges to the adoption of cryptocurrencies are security and ease of use. XEEDA Inc. has created an innovative solution to this problem by leveraging multi-factor authentication and biometric security. The XEEDA wallet is the world’s first cryptocurrency hardware wallet specifically geared to smartphones.


The wallet is a sleek device that connects directly to the users smartphone and cryptographically stores the private keys. Once connected, users can access the XEEDA app with a pin or biometric authentication to initiate or send transactions. The wallet is water proof, dust proof, battery-free, and features a durable touch screen. XEEDA provides a convenient and secure way to access, exchange, and manage your digital currency portfolio on your phone. The wallet is currently available for pre-order on iOS and Android (USB-C) devices.


DigiByte will be integrated into the XEEDA app and hardware wallet on their upcoming product expected to launch in early 2019. DigiByte users may pre-order the XEEDA hardware wallet now at https://order.xeeda.io/.


According to Rudy Bouwman, Chief Marketing Officer at DigiByte: “We are excited to have DigiByte be part of the XEEDA ecosystem. Security has always been at the heart of the DigiByte mission and the XEEDA wallet will allow DGB users to enjoy premium security in a convenient, user-friendly device.”


Xeeda is a blockchain security and transactions startup company developing the world’s first cryptocurrency hardware wallet and integrated app for smartphones. Leveraging multi-factor authentication and built-in biometric security features, Xeeda provides a convenient and secure way to access, exchange, and manage your bitcoins and other digital currency assets directly from your smartphone. Truly Mobile. Anytime. Anywhere. For more information, visit xeeda.io.


About DigiByte and The DigiByte Awareness Team (DGBAT)

DigiByte is the fastest, most secure and most decentralized open-source blockchain. The DGBAT is a community driven marketing and education campaign to promote awareness and utilization of the DigiByte blockchain. For more information about DigiByte please visit www.digibyte.io. For additional information about DGBAT, please contact info@dgbat.org or visit www.dgbat.org.

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