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November 11, 2018
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Talk Turkey About Cryptos
November 20, 2018

Interview with an altruistic and technological giant: Noah Seidman

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Noah has been the key developer for the DigiByte Android hard wallet. He has volunteered his time by putting his extensive ability experience to work for the DigiByte community.


  1. What is your background in computer technology that has enabled you to program the DigiByte wallets?


For the last 9 years I’ve been an Android engineer. I was one of the lead developers of the American Express Serve app, The Huffington Post app, I built the entire Mobile Food Ordering experience in the Universal Studios Florida app, and am currently working on a project for Royal Caribbean in Miami. Android, and its countless devices, has always drawn criticism for being difficult to accommodate; I’ve always drawn great satisfaction from being able to easily traverse the Android platform to develop stable, reliable, and elegant Android apps.


  1. Have you worked only on the Android wallet, or have you also worked on the Apple DGB wallet?


I’m an Android dev through and through, and have only participated in the Android app’s development.


  1. How did you first learn about DigiByte?


DigiByte was the second crypto that drew my attention. I first got involved in Crypto with Dash several years ago, for no particular reason other than general interest. As I digested the fundamentals of crypto tech, I quickly began to compare DigiByte to Bitcoin. The parallels and distinctions were immediately obvious. Bitcoin never captured my attention from a tech perspective; it’s not overwhelmingly attractive from an innovation standpoint, and this is where DigiByte shines. DigiByte has hardened, evolved, and grown in very exciting ways in the last couple of years; it’s one of the few crypto projects that overwhelmingly piques my interest in the tech, reaffirming where I feel the industry is heading.


  1. How long after you initial interest did you decide you wanted to be a part of the DigiByte team?


When I saw DigiByte was interested in releasing an Android app, I saw my responsibility. I needed to ensure that the Android app was the best it could possibly be. I was able to take the code base that started the Android app, and fine tune it into a manageable, well-structured application. I’m quite pleased with what was produced and offered to the DigiByte community — assurance that the Android DigiByte app will always be top notch in all regards.


  1. Do you receive any compensation for your efforts?


I receive no ongoing compensation for my involvement with the DigiByte community. All work done is purely for the benefit of everyone involved. Selfless ☺


  1. What do you see as DigiByte’s greatest strength compared with other cryptocurrencies?


For most blockchain projects the time for transaction confirmation varies over time as the difficultly adjusts. To me this was always counterintuitive. DigiByte achieved consistent predicable confirmation times due to real time difficulty adjustment. This is also a fundamental component of the blockchain’s security; if a huge amount of hashing power was targeted to the chain, the difficulty would merely adjust to compensate to always ensure the exact same unchanged block time.


  1. What do you see as DigiByte’s biggest weakness?


DigiByte’s biggest weakness is the same weakness inherent to all crypto projects and open source projects generally: developer availability. Historically, developers do show up for DigiByte when truly needed the most, but sometimes it can take a fair amount of time to achieve milestones and new features.


  1. If you had a recommendation for those reading this article who are interested in DigiByte, but unsure whether to take the next step in implementing DigiByte into their business plan or to help in making DigiByte better, what would your advice be?


From a business plan perspective, if there’s ever a financial benefit in a publicly auditable set of records, DigiByte is a great way to store the data. Examples of savings include:


  • Avoid cloud storage fees, ie. Amazon E2C
  • Avoid in-house hardware requirements for databases
  • Avoid credential requirements for internal network access; simplify networking and security protocols
  • Benefit from free community updates. It’s open source and auditable, and companies can choose to participate in its development, which isn’t mandatory


All records, once written to the blockchain, are immutable and cannot be hidden, deleted, or changed in any regard. Obvious uses span countless industries. Some fun ones that come to mind include:


  • Company/Government tax history
  • Property records
  • Medical records
  • Business records
    • Financial transactions
    • Ownership
    • Historical events – milestones
    • Human resource meta
  • Identity – Social Security


The benefit of DigiByte is that it’s supported by the general public. It’s a free cloud storage of sorts that’s publicly accessible, secure, auditable, and immutable.


The most important recommendation is to reach out to the DigiByte community. There’re developers, business advocates, and marketing professionals available to discuss, explain, and assist in assessing ways to consume DigiByte.



Written By: John LaRochelle, Esq | DGBAT Writer


Twitter: @John_The_Lawyer


Providence, Rhode Island.

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