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November 13, 2018
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November 27, 2018

Talk Turkey About Cryptos

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Here in the U.S., we are about to celebrate Thanksgiving, which will officially kickoff a season of family gatherings. No matter where you are from, there is usually some holiday that will bring you together with loved ones this time of year.


With all this togetherness, you are bound to get questions or interrogations about crypto currency.


Here are my 10 tips on how to talk turkey crypto style.


1: Don’t say Distributed Ledger – not yet. Nothing makes the eyes glaze over faster than those two words. Caveat: Ignore this tip if you are talking to an accountant, they will think your smart.


2: Know Your Audience Instead of explaining what crypto is in general; give an example of what it could be to them. There are so many everyday uses from knowing how fresh that orange is at the grocery store, eliminating voter fraud, data security, and many more. The truth is many people are not interested in the technology but they will be interested in the solutions. I’m no different. I really don’t want to hear how my house is wired, but I really like that I can flip the switch and have electricity. You just need to find their switch that needs to be flipped.


3: Keep It Short I know most of us could talk crypto all day, but they may just be making small talk. It is tough when we are at the cusp of this world changing technology to simply answer, smile, and pass the mashed potatoes. If someone is really interested in learning more, don’t worry; they’ll seek you out. I’m not saying you should be a crypto tease, but it’s ok to play a little hard to get.

4: Don’t Give Investment Advice Don’t Give Investment Advice – so important I said it twice (and it rhymes so it must be true).


5: Do Give Crypto Just because you can’t tell people what to buy, doesn’t mean you can’t give a little away. Crypto has become my favorite gift. It takes up no space and people love getting ‘magic internet money.’  Actually, it’s amazing how much more interested people become when they have a little skin in the game.


 6: Don’t Argue Ok, if your whole family is into cypto already and you are debating about block sizes and decentralization, fight away. But, if someone is telling you it’s all a scam and going to zero and not entertaining any discussion, don’t waste your oxygen. Time will be the best teacher.


  7: Don’t Be a Crypto Sitter “Can you just buy this crypto for me? I don’t understand all this stuff.” It’s tempting to do it but you are not helping them in the long run. Instead offer to work with them or suggest a meet up. It’s important that they understand what they buying and the responsibility involved in owning crypto.



  8: Have A Plan Surprise your family actually wants to learn more about blockchain. What do you do? Blockchain can be tough to explain, but there are great resources out there. This Ted Talk by Don Tapscott, author of Blockchain Revolution, is one of my favorite general overviews.


DigiByte founder, Jared Tate does a fantastic job of giving blockchain comparisons to nature and describing DigiByte layers like an Oreo cookie that everyone can understand.


Jared’s  interview with Andrea Simon, Ph.D.


Jared’s interview with CEO of Abra Bill Barhydt



Don’t forget to send people to the DigiByte Awareness website, we are here to help!


  9: Power Down The Cyborg: Be human for a day. Power down (or at least silence) the constant connection to our digital lives that, according to Elon Musk, qualifies us as cyborg beings.


10: Don’t Forget Your Super Power: At DigiByte our super power is our network. Together we are creating something bigger than ourselves. The DGBAT has partnered with a couple of great companies who provide the shirts, hats, and socks to remind you that you are an awesome part of Team DigiByte. Wear these with pride and know we got your back, or feet, or whatever you are wearing. https://www.dgbat.org/affiliates/


We are not all celebrating Thanksgiving this week, but we are all celebrating Thankfulness. Let’s face it; it’s been a tough year in crypto and we are so lucky to have the smartest, most decentralized group of cool kids on the blockchain. Thank you DigiByte Fam!


Ok, what did I forget? Feel free to comment below.


Written by: Lisa M, DGBAT Writer



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