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November 20, 2018
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November 30, 2018

A unique opportunity awaits you

digibyte digitorial

Welcome to a unique opportunity.


You may be reading this having recently seen the creator of DigiByte, Jared Tate speak at your college. Perhaps you could tell that this good-hearted intellectual’s blockchain is different than the others. Or, you may be researching different cryptocurrencies and DigiByte caught your attention.


As you may already have realized, DigiByte has a bright future. You may know that it is faster, more secure and less expensive that other blockchain technologies such as Bitcoin. In addition, DigiByte is being used now in real-world in applications such as DiguSign and DigiID. And, Jared has more real-world applications planned in the coming year.


What you may not know is that the DigiByte community would enjoy a curious person such as you joining our team. Our supportive community of volunteers sees the opportunity to make the world a better place and positively impact many peoples’ lives by bringing awareness of DigiByte’s amazing technology to a larger audience. You could use your skills working with us in a variety of ways.


Reach out to any of the team to learn more. Everyone on the DigiByte team will be grateful for your support and effort. You will meet motivated people; you will be part of a team that is helping humanity; you will participate in helping a magnanimous creator, a beneficial new technology, and millions of people.


If you are interested, please reach out to any team member. In the “About Us” drop-down menu, you can see some of our team members, contact us, and view a historical roadmap of achievements. As Thoreau observed, most men lead lives of quiet desperation. Joining our team to bring greater awareness of the DigiByte technology will cure that!


Written by: John LaRochelle, DGBAT Writer


  1. Avatar Melanie Basmayor says:

    Hope to know more about Digibyte.. Thanks a lot

  2. Avatar Anonymous says:

    Great site, learning more every day.

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