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November 30, 2018
digibyte digitorial
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December 12, 2018

The First DigiByte Meetup in UK.

digibyte digitorial

I have been bitten by the crypto bug 4 years ago and have been studying blockchains ever since. Like most people, I started with bitcoin and looked into dozens of altcoins until the day I stumble upon DigiByte.

The more I learnt about DigiByte, the more I was blown away by its technology: speed, decentralization, low fees, proven security, digital assets, creator, and community, forward-thinking….. you name it DGB has it; I could not (still can’t) find a single weakness.

Over a month ago, I found out that Cassiopeia Services were hosting a DigiByte Meetup in London, I had never been to a Crypto meetup before, but I couldn’t see anything wrong in meeting fellow crypto enthusiasts over a few beers.

A few days after booking my ticket, Rudy Bouwman, Co-founder of the DigiByte Awareness Team (DGBAT), dropped a bomb: members of the DGBAT, Mr. Jared Tate and Rudy, himself were planning to attend this event. It was like an early Christmas present for me, I watched every keynote speeches and interviews made by Jared available online.

I couldn’t wait to meet the guys from the DGBAT and the man that created such amazing blockchain.

The good news kept on coming, Stephen Kendal and Daniel Skowronski (CEO of DX, exchange) also confirmed that they would talk at this event, what was supposed to be few drinks in a pub turned into a proper, not to be missed, event.

November 18th at 4 pm, my 1st encounter with the DGB community in a beautiful venue in the heart of London, I didn’t know what to expect, but OH BOY, I wasn’t disappointed; People were very friendly, the conversation was flowing and it was nice to put faces on all those twitter handles.

One of the first things I did was to thank Rudy, Dean, and Frederik, 3 members of the DGBAT, for their hard work, they are volunteers and spend at least 30 hrs/week promoting DGB alongside their full-time jobs; I was blown away by their dedication and faith in DGB. As a business owner and family man, I know how hard it is to get free time. I have high respect for what they are doing.

Later on, Steffy and Stephen officially introduced Jared, Daniel and the DGBAT to the crowd and gave them a microphone so they could share their thoughts on DGB and its future (the video is available online and I strongly recommend you to watch it).
After hearing them talk, I couldn’t wait to go home and buy more DigiByte, I know we are in a bear market, but hearing them only made my beliefs even stronger.

Jared and Daniel were very approachable, it was great being able to pick their brain on many subjects. To be honest, it was not what I was expecting at all, these guys are busy men, so I thought that they would only stay for an hour and leave, but it was not the case at all, you could see that they were enjoying talking to us.

The meetup was supposed to end by 6 pm but we stayed till 8 pm (we couldn’t stay any longer as the place was booked for another party), time flies when you are having fun.
As we were having such a great time, Steffy, Jared, and the DGBAT invited the few people left to join them for dinner at a nice Italian restaurant.

The dinner was amazing, we carried on talking about DGB and what led us to believe so strongly about it.
Jared is a very genuine and down to earth man, it is clear to me that he is not in this business for the money, he is in it to make the world a better place, having spent time with him that day, I now have no doubt in my mind that DGB will be a game changer.

This day could NOT have been any better, once again, a massive thank you to:

Stefy and Stephen for planning this great event
DGBAT for the amazing work they are doing
Daniel Skowronski and DX.Exchange for believing in DGB

and Jared Tate for creating such a great project.

I look forward to going to the next DGB meetup and STRONGLY recommend anyone to join me there, if you don’t, you will regret it, trust me.

Written by:
Cedric Lestrat
CEO at PriceActionTracker


  1. Avatar Terry parish says:

    in these times it’s time to buy not sale it’s a buyers market do t be fooled and make a bad mistake , I’m buying all I can Digibyte technology is second to no one ,we are here to stay !

  2. Avatar Timothy Benjamin says:

    I was blessed to be able to see a video of this event. May this project prosper in a way that produces that greatest expression of financial justice in history.

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