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December 6, 2018
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December 16, 2018

Interview with Akshay Maheshker

digibyte digitorial

Interview with Akshay Maheshker – founder of DYORHaven.com, the first website to use Digi-ID for log-in security.


Question:  What role do you hope DYORHaven.com will have in the crypto community? Will it be a part of message and discussion board with many other features or it will primarily serve another purpose


Answer: The platform dyorhaven.com is aimed at a two-way purpose. The users can research projects individually in the DYOR tab and also can share their own knowledge with the crypto community through the features of PYOR :- Publish your own research and Gen-Z (An inbuilt social media curated platform exclusively for the crypto community). This would enable everyone in the crypto community to get information as a part of their primary and secondary research to have their decisions quantified at a single place.


Question: Why do you believe people will go to DYOR instead of other websites?


Answer: We believe in having the users being enabled to pursue their primary research while also having a secondary source of research from other community members sharing their information – all on one single portal: DYORHaven.com. This dual information sharing will help make a thriving ecosystem whereby a community will come to help each other on a single portal. We believe we are not competing with any other site; rather, we are contributing to help the crypto ecosystem thrive by having the community at a single place. The cryptosphere community is the backbone of this technological revolution; the evolution of DYORHaven will help the community grow and improve.


Question: What impact will the current negative press and bear market have on DYORHaven.com?


Answer: Like every crypto enthusiast we at DYORHaven also believe that the cryptosphere is fundamentally about the technology. Price and investment opportunity comes second to the innovative and paradigm-changing technology that these cryptocurrencies offer. During these times, we will focus on mass adoption through various activities and measures. The bear market will not be a constraint on the technology.  One day, we will have a considerable percentage of people across the world know about crypto through easy use-cases in daily life, By then, prices will be more stable than what it is today. Then, the media – which has recently focused on showcasing the negative aspects of crypto – will be an enthusiastic supporter of the movement. It will likely be described a technological and investment opportunity for the world.


Question: What impact will current cryptocurrency losses have on the future of the cryptosphere?


Answer: If we look at the graphical representation of the top cryptocurrencies, this is not the first time when the prices have had a free-fall of almost 80 percent. A huge decline happened multiple times between 2013 and 2016, with the worst fall ranging to 90 percent. Then, prices started to recover. The only thing we as a community shall ensure is to focus on the technology. The speculation of fear-of-missing-out will be reduced until the beginning of mass adoption. Then, the world will witness sensible projects solving problems through blockchain technology.  This is somewhat similar to how the world slowly embraced the internet as a part of their lives


Introducing dyorhaven.com


In the world of crypto currencies and ICOs with the overload of information available across the web, there is an interesting project which aims to get the community, investors, developers and newbies all together on a COMMON platform.


As there are 2000+ projects with different social media platform presence and its unique community and supporters, the term DYOR (Do your own research) always seems a daunting task for someone who needs to read and research about few projects. For any use case or a technology, the actual challenge it faces is when it showcases itself ready for mass adoption, but the masses do not have relevant information and sources to discuss live on the web.


The platform is being divided into various aspects for all the different sections of community to gain knowledge and share it with their connections.




A section of the platform which enables the user to read about the project use case and methodology in a simplistic perspective

A trader can get data analytics for quotes, trades count, etc. along with OHLCV data for 1 year which includes every exchange and pairing individually

The trading view functionality enabled the user to perform their own technical analysis using algorithms that would empower their trading decisions

The social media section redirects the user to gauge the pulse of the social presence of the various projects


GEN-Z and MyShare:-


A social media curated experience exclusively for the crypto community

When the crypto community has such vast knowledge but unfortunately as they are scattered across various sites, Gen-z is a social network which aims to connect the crypto community in one place.

Wouldn’t it be lovely for a crypto enthusiast to have his social profile by the market cap, trading volume, BTC dominance and a FUD Smiley J

My share aims to bring all the crypto video sharing community on this section to share and earn tips in crypto as the content would help the users to research and make informed decisions


Meet your Pillars:-


Connecting projects with developers and vice versa

A job application portal for the crypto community




In a marketplace, innovation is hampered when an ICO waits for weeks to get reviewed or listed on a platform

Here, new projects can list their ICOs in less than five minutes by providing information and the project is rated by the community and no one else.

In a world of cyber-attacks and user data thefts, the platform also employs a cryptographically secure authentication mechanism on the DigiByte blockchain to have the user data in an un-crackable alphanumeric string to be stored on a blockchain.


Written By: John LaRochelle, DGBAT Writer.

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