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December 19, 2018
digibyte digitorial
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Interview with a DigiByte believer who took the next step

digibyte digitorial

Interview with a DigiByte believer who took the next step. Adam Wolfe created DigiByte Cafe, a useful DigiByte payment system and application that merchants can easily integrate into daily payment transactions.

1. How is DigiCafe able to make money? There are no transactional costs to the customer and no merchant charges, so where does the profit come from?

The DigiCafe web app is completely free, minus the standard DigiByte network fees, although this may change. I would like to charge fees in the web app and direct 100% of those funds to the DigiByte infrastructure.

The native apps do incur an additional transaction fee of 1%. The fee on the native app transactions will fund the DigiCafe project into the future. In order for the project to succeed I will need to add new sources of funding that are consistent retail usage, more robust infrastructure, and passionate people.


2. How many retail clients have used DigiCafe?

It is difficult to tell. I have access to basic app analytics which say there are 200+ installs of iOS and Android combined. I think most of the installs are driven by curious DigiByte supporters vs. actual retailers. I consider DigiCafe to be in an alpha release state. It was released only publicly on Twitter without any other promotion as a way to get development feedback and real-world testing.

I do have individuals reaching out on Twitter through private messages and through the support email asking about setup and making feature requests. I expect 2019 to be a very good year in terms of making the product much more robust and increasing retail usage. I will launch a public beta early next year with a local shop. Adoption will expand from there.  


3. What are DigiCafe’s client goals for 2019? How do you plan to achieve those goals? What is your plan to bring greater awareness and use of DigiCafe?

My 2019 roadmap for the DigiCafe Apps and DigiByte Pay, LLC:

Reach out to mid-level establishments with between 2-20 locations in a tight geographic region for beta testing.

Spread awareness through word-of-mouth and grass roots community efforts.

Cross-promote with DigiCafe, DigiByte & Retail Partners on social media and general press releases to generate buzz locally for each partner.


4. Have you pitched DigiCafe to large merchants such as Starbucks, Dunkin, or Amazon?

The short answer is no. DigiCafe has only been released publicly for a couple of months.  Success with DigiCafe must be cultivated at a much smaller level right now. I would need funds and a talented team in order to support such large integrations, but things do move quickly. With enough resources or the right partner great things are possible.


5. How does a merchant use DigiCafe? For instance, it’s time for the pizza and beer bill for a group of four guests. What are the logistics of paying via DigiCafe?

The app interface is very simple. The retailer would add purchased items into the app. The app totals the sale in the local currency then converts the total to DigiByte. The app generates a QR code with all of the payment details. The customer clicks “send” in their DigiByte wallet and scans the QR code. The customer’s wallet will automatically populate with the amount of DigiByte due. The customer sends the funds. The retailer then clicks a button to verify the confirmations. When the transaction is successful the app prompts to send a customer receipt via email.


6. How did you get started with this project?

I wanted to teach myself a new app development framework. I thought it would be fun to build an app that provided value to the DigiByte community as I was learning.


7. What is the technology behind DigiByte? Is the technology built on the DigiByte blockchain?

DigiCafe interfaces with the DigiByte blockchain by broadcasting transactions using libraries available in the public repositories at GitHub. DigiCafe utilizes JavaScript which allows for easy updates to the multiple versions available.


8. How did you first discover DigiByte?

The first crypto I bought was LiteCoin in late 2016. While holding LTC, I began researching technical details of the top 100 coins on coinmarketcap.com. I eventually came across DigiByte and went all in. I am still blown away by the technical superiority of DigiByte to almost every other coin available.

Written By: John LaRochelle, Esq | DGBAT Writer

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