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January 2, 2019
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January 10, 2019

Celebrate DGB Genesis Block Day: 5 years old!

digibyte digitorial

Celebrate DGB Genesis Block Day: 5 years old!

On January 10th, Digibyte launched; not with an ICO but a headline, “USA Today: 10/Jan/2014, Target: Data stolen from up to 110M customers.” From that confirmed block, DigiByte began its mission to focus on cybersecurity, speed, and decentralization.

How will you celebrate with DigiByte? I’ve given a few possibilities below; but I know there are many more, please add suggestions in the comments.

Let’s get to the celebrations!

Live Stream: Put on your party hat and join Digibyte Founder, Jared Tate and DigiByte Ambassador, Josiah Spackman with a Live Stream Countdown starting Noon (11 PST) on January 10th. They will be discussing the past 5 years as well as give a glimpse of the future plans for DigiByte. You can even post your live questions. Subscribe to Josiah’s Youtube channel to be notified when the live stream starts. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC0LyKbC_naDVJJ-FtSVo5eA

Mine DigiByte on your gaming computer with DigiByte One Click Miner. DigiByte has 5 mining algorithms available. Two of the mining algorithms, skein and groestl are good for GPU’s. DigiByte has a lot of guides for mining, but this particular method is a great way to get started using your PC with the one click miner. https://www.minedigibyte.com/.

Run a Node: This is the real way you can join the DigiByte party! By running a node, you help make the network stronger and more decentralized. The DigiByte team has started the Dowload.Run.Done.- #ProofOfNode campaign. https://digibyte.io/digibyte-wallet-downloads.

After you are set up, don’t forget to share a pic of your rig to show the world what decentralization is all about! https://twitter.com/DigiByteCoin/status/1081297970228805644

Why is this important? Josiah explains DigiTalk #13 why DigiByte is encouraging more people to run a full wallet to support mobile application users.

Accept DigiByte Payments: Do you have a business? Accepting DigiByte payments has never been easier. With low transaction fees, over 560 transactions per second, and 15 second block times, DigiByte is ideal for everyday purchases. The DGBAT has highligted top payment gateways from airport parking to easy website integration; https://www.dgbat.org/digibyte-payment-processors/.

DigiCafé is a simple, mobile point of sale that allows your business to accept in-person DigiByte payments. The pass thru design puts funds in your wallet with no middleman and it’s free! Check out https://www.digibytecafe.com and get started accepting DigiByte payments.

Win A Prize: DigiByte Lotto is also getting into the fun with their 5 prizes to celebrate 5 years giveaway. Along with their weekly lotto prize, they are featuring DigiByte socks, embroidered polo, 3D effects lamp, and a special edition coin. The special drawing is on Saturday, 6PM UTC. Hurry, there are not many tickets left for sale: https://digibytelotto.com/product/5th-anniversary-lotto-ticket-for-saturday-12th-january-2019/

Vote for your your favorite design in the Annual DigiByte Tee Fight competition.

Play DigiDigger: Digi Digger is a fun game of chance where you can uncover hidden DigiByte in the picture. https://digger.digibyte.rocks

While there are many ways to celebrate DigiByte this week, they all have a common thread. Each app, game, contest, and github code started with a person passionate about DigiByte. That dedication is the thread that binds our DigiByte community to continue to push ourselves and each other to Do Good – Do Well.

Congratulations DigiByte on your 5th Anniversary. You have stood the test of time and the best is yet to come!

Written by: Lisa M, DGBAT Writer

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