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January 7, 2019
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January 18, 2019

DigiByte to expand its global reach by CoinField Exchange in over 100 countries

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DigiByte to expand its global reach by CoinField Exchange in over 100 countries

Amsterdam, January 8, 2019, The DigiByte Awareness Team (DGBAT) is pleased to announce that DigiByte expand its offering on the CoinField™ Cryptocurrency Exchange to include several fiat pairings.

DigiByte was launched on the CoinField exchange in Q4, 2018 as a trading pair to DGB/XRP. Beginning January 11th, 2019 DGB trading will expand to include the following base currencies: DGB/USD, DGB/CAD, DGB/EUR, DGB/GBP.

CoinField is Canada’s most comprehensive, user friendly, digital currency trading platform. This fully regulated exchange is available now in 101 countries around the globe, including Europe, Asia, Latin America, Middle East, Africa and Oceania. The complete list of 101 countries can be found here: https://www.coinfield.com/countries

DigiByte will also be included in CoinField’s joint venture, moonGo™ App as a direct USD/EUR pair when it launched. This full featured app allows for commission-free cryptocurrency trading; and digital assets can be transferred to wallets outside of moonGo™ anytime.

According to Rudy Bouwman, Chief Marketing Officer at DigiByte and Co-Founder of the DigiByte Awareness Team: “Multiple fiat base pairings will allow the growing DigiByte community greater liquidity and more efficient trading. As a global currency, we are excited to expand our reach to the 101 countries that Confield serves.”

About CoinField™

CoinField™ is Canada’s top cryptocurrency exchange platform with a wide portfolio of coins and fiat trading pairs. It was built with one goal in mind: To make the world of cryptocurrency more accessible globally. https://CoinField.com

About moonGo™

moonGO™ is a partnership between CoinField and Manticore Ventures based in Malta. The moonGo™ App offers global, commission-free cryptocurrency trading. https://www.moongo.com

About DigiByte and The DigiByte Awareness Team (DGBAT)


DigiByte is the fastest, most secure and most decentralized open-source blockchain. The DGBAT is a community driven marketing and education campaign to promote awareness and utilization of the DigiByte blockchain. For more information about DigiByte please visit www.digibyte.io. For additional information about DGBAT, please contact info@dgbat.org or visit www.dgbat.org.

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