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DigiByte to expand its global reach by CoinField Exchange in over 100 countries
January 10, 2019
DigiByte Blockchain Domination
DigiByte Blockchain Poised For Domination
January 28, 2019

Become a DGBat, an Advocate of DGBAT

Become a DGBat

We’ve only just begun

The DigiByte Awareness Team (DGBAT) is a global community-driven outreach initiative founded in May 2018. We are a team of professional but voluntary community members, all unpaid, who commit significant amounts of time, energy and resources working for DigiByte adoption through marketing, education and out-reach. Our accomplishments in 2018 have been impressive, but our future plans are even more ambitious.

Fuelled by passion

With no company behind us, no ICO money and no external source of funding, the DigiByte Awareness Team is fuelled by the passion and conviction of its members. We embrace Social Media as our primary medium to deliver education and communicate our successes to the wider crypto community. Behind the scenes we provide a central point of contact for our industry partners, a bridge between the community and the DigiByte Foundation and a hub from which to coordinate initiatives.

Vires in Numeris

As our eco-system continues to grow we need to expand our team by recognising those many members in the global DigiByte community who are, of their own accord, working on DigiByte related projects or promoting DigiByte through their own channels, both on and offline. Collaboration is a key to success. ‘Strength in Numbers’ is leveraged by coordinating the significant skills, knowledge and experience that the DigiByte community possesses.

The Future is Bright, The Future is …

We have a multitude of initiatives line up for the year ahead, and new opportunities present themselves daily. Whether you have an existing project, whatever stage of development it may be at, or would like to get involved in the execution of any of the items on our roadmap then we love for you to join our DigiBats Team. Of course, you must share our love for DigiByte and enthusiasm to awaken the public to its future!

Please click the DGBAT Advocates Application link and apply to be a DGBat.

After reviewing your application, a DGBAT member will reach out to you.

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