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January 28, 2019
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February 2, 2019

Interview with DigiByte Lotto Creator

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In this DigiTorial, we interview Tom, creator of the DigiByte Lotto about the game, his motivation for creating it, and how he plans to develop it in the future. Tom’s initiative and creativity not only demonstrated how quick and easy it is to transact with DigiByte, it raised over 68K DGB for the awareness team!

The DigiByte Lotto was created as a not-for-profit initiative to support the work of the DigiByte Awareness Team; 75% of tickets sales were paid back to winners through the Prize Fund, while 25% was donated to the DGBAT. The lotto ran for 5 weeks (12/4/18-1/12/19). Tom discusses the final results as well as plans for the future.

Can you briefly describe how the DigiByte lotto works for the end user and on the back end as far as what technology is used? How does it work for the end user?

When you buy a DigiByte Lotto ticket you receive a ticket number. The winning number is decided by the DigiByte blockchain, specifically by the size of the first block mined after 6PM UTC on the following Saturday. If your ticket number matches the last two digits of the block size then you have won a prize. This is a uniquely transparent way of randomly deciding the winner.

To enter you only need to provide two pieces of information; a nickname and an email address. The nickname you choose is public while the email address remains private and confidential.

At least 30 minutes before each draw we post a timestamped list of confirmed entries to Twitter and on our results page. Anyone in the world can audit the wallet and cross check it against the list of entries to validate the totals for the prize fund and donation amounts.

What technology is used on the back end?

The DigiByte Lotto, like DigiByte itself, is built on open source software; in this case, WordPress + WooCommerce. This enables us to run the lotto site for minimal cost while at the same time giving us the flexibility to customise any part of the site to improve functionality and user experience.

For the payment process we use MyCryptoCheckout, a plugin for WooCommerce, which enables peer to peer ecommerce payments without the need to rely on or pay a % of sales in commission to a third party. This means that we are able to provide the same DigiByte core wallet address as the payment address so that when you buy a ticket the funds are immediately in our control.

What made you decide to start the lotto?

I decided to start the lotto in some free time I had over the Christmas period for a few reasons:

Firstly, I had watched the DGBAT do great work for DigiByte adoption during 2018 and I wanted to help raise funds for them to continue this into 2019. Secondly, I wanted test the success of this concept in a live environment and to learn from the feedback. Thirdly, I wanted to create a super smooth payment flow for people to experience the ease and speed of a DigiByte ecommerce transaction, possibly for the first time. The lotto was only ever a three-week beta test but was extended to five weeks so that we could do something special to celebrate the 5-year anniversary of the DigiByte genesis block

What were the results of the beta test?

On all measures we set before the beta, the lotto has been a resounding success. At the time of writing we have just finished week 5 and the project has raised 206,246 DGB; 68,185 went to the DigiByte Awareness Team and 192,064 was paid to 16 different winners. The Lotto also gave away many special prizes donated by DigiByte friendly businesses. At the same time, the project has led to tangible improvements to both the DigiByte core mobile wallet and the ecommerce payment process through MyCryptoCheckout.

What are your future plans with the Lotto?

We’ve had many fantastic ideas and suggestions from the community. While we’ve been able to implement some of these as we have gone along, others necessitate more time and focus.

We plan to return later this quarter with an improved concept that delivers more entertainment and excitement for the community, whilst generating revenue in a sustainable way to enable the DigiByte Awareness team to continue its mission.

If anyone in the community would like to get involved in this project or has any questions or feedback please feel free to contact Tom@DGBAT.org


Written By: Lisa M | DGBAT Writer

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