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April 5, 2019
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One year DGBAT
May 19, 2019

DigiTimes – The Official Newsletter of the DigiByte Awareness Team (DGBAT)


The DGBAT  (Digibyte Awareness Team)  has exciting news to share this quarter! All volunteers are actively promoting the DGB blockchain with great success. Volunteers? YES.  Digibyte never launched an ICO, so enthusiasts implemented a grassroots marketing campaign on a global scale. This is why Digibyte survived and thrived during the crypto bear market. We thank our team for diligence and fortitude.

DGBAT for January 2019

Digibyte celebrated its 5th birthday and reached 8 million blocks! One of our sponsors  Crypto Bantam Clothing, kindly donated 50% of birthday sales to DGBAT. Thanks Tom.  News this month: Digibyte partnered with Eterbase-a crypto debit card, Pungo wallet, Gaurda wallet and Utrust.  Our Exchange listings climbed with Coinfield, Bittrex, and Bitturk. The Partnership announcements with Vesti and Digiassets is exciting!  More news coming on that in April. History is made as Antum ID is the first website in Europe to implement the Digi-ID sign in. All this brought forth by volunteers!

Our development team tested Odocrypt. This ensures any miner can stay in business long term as the DGB block chain will be kept ASIC resistant. Live long and prosper miners, Odocrypt will keep Digibyte truly decentralized.


The development team also nailed down Digi Zipper, which works in synergy with Digi-ID for ultimate cyber security. Thanks to Antum ID, what a team effort!!

DGBAT for February 2019

Our team partnered more listings on exchanges with some DGB base pairs: Vertbase, Dynx, Probit, Cloverdex and Bitladon.  Kudos to Change Angel swap exchange for implementing AntumID for sign ins, as powered by the DGB block chain. Another crypto debit card, Paycent,also partnered with DGB. This is how our volunteer team of marketing and development rolls! Nice work this month, traction is gaining.


The DigiCafe is up and running, thanks to developer Adam! Check out the App store Google play @GetDigiCafe. This app is revolutionary on many levels, and the paradigm shift is just starting.


You tube enthusiasts such as,  CryptoCurrently, Cryptomentor99,  DigiByteSoCal, Crypto mug investors, Stephen P  Kendal, Cassiopeia , Crypto Traders Pro, Learn Crypto, Chico Crypto, Crypto Pulse Podcast, and Josiah Spackman-Digibyte Ambassador, can present DGB  variety from enthusiasm to fundamentals.


And thumbs up to another grassroots marketing effort in the community.  DigiByte Unlimited has been creating awesome DGB commercials and marketing tools!  Give these folks a subscribe on youtube, a great way to show DGB love.

DBGAT for March 2019

Adoption has been rolling out for Digi-ID, including Swine mine and Absolute jobs in Europe. The DGBAT around the globe continue to inform mainstream websites how Digi-ID works as speed, security and solutions is what Digibyte offers. Thanks to developer Noah S for all your work on Digi-ID, we appreciate your time and effort.  Another partnership with a crypto debit card is Paycent and the first listing on Covesting exchange was DGB! Digibyte is gaining the recognition it deserves, all thanks to dedicated volunteers-thank you this month was awesome. More news keeps coming.

Developer Matthew C created a stand alone Digi-ID, enabling mainstream adoption to be smooth and slick, just like the DGB wallet. Thanks to all developers creating and implementing their unique ideas on the DGB blockchain. A decentralized environment certainly brings out creativity. This team is amazing!


On the homefront, Jared Tate, creator of DGB, released his book Blockchain 2035.  Signed copies will be available to the public if one wishes, the book is now available for pre-orders. Be a block head, order yourself a book.


Big news for March:Block 30 Labs have partnered with Digiassets! This news speaks volumes for the bright future of Digibyte! Thankyou to all the volunteers for your time and effort in promoting Digibyte adoption.


Change Angel is a swap exchange for social good. The changeangel exchange was founded by two members of the dgbat. It was built as an exchange for the open source projects that did not have an ICO. The mission of the exchange is to connect these communities and help support their grassroots efforts


Abra has now made it available to send DigiByte off their wallets! This is an exciting development and shows the progress of not only the platform but as DigiByte as an asset that is getting recognized by more people in this space.


DGBAT Events  

  1. On April 6th a group of DigiByte volunteers went to Blanco Texas for the Bitcoin Ben’s World Largest meetup. The event was an amazing sucess. DigiByte had two booths, one for DigiByte and one for digi-ID. Matthew Cornellus, the developer behind the digi-ID stand alone app came down from Canada to help answer technical questions. We spoke to around 500 people and definitely educated some new on this technology.
  2.    CoinFest UK  in Manchester, England

April 4th,5th and 6th 2019

At the Manchester Conference Center(attached to Pendulum Hotel)

Meet Our DGBAT of England/Europe  who will showcase Digibyte in style.

  1. The Digibyte Global  Summit in Amsterdam

Hosted by Stefania B-Cassiopeia Services LTD. This was an amazing event with Jared Tate, members of the dgbat and project leaders from  Vertbase, Antum, Block 30 Labs, and V-ID. This was the first summit and the second is already in the works for March 2020 in California.



  1. Avatar Terry p says:

    You guys work hard we are so proud of each and everyone of you guys, Digibyte will be a top coin I fell it’s unlimited to how successful it will become .

  2. Avatar Kaas says:

    Great stuff! Thanks for your great work and updates!

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