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May 10, 2019
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The Power of Decentralization
June 4, 2019

One year DGBAT

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It’s hard to imagine that a year has already passed since we formed the DigiByte Awareness Team. Time must be slipping away in this exciting and turbulent crypto space.
If the past is an indicator of future, we can expect another turbulent year.
Let’s all celebrate this milestone in our own way. This deserves a toast. I will celebrate this by having a BBQ tonight with friends and by looking back with great satisfaction at a successful year.

A lot has happened. We had an amazing start. We quickly managed to get some great community members on the team and we were able to gain the serious attention of numerous exchanges and payment processors. Some of our early successes were DX.Exchange and UTRUST. Our team has grown rapidly. All people with different skills. People doing interviews, people organizing and joining events and meet-ups, people reaching out to companies, people active on social media and people developing websites and applications. Over time some people have left and new talent has come in. And of course we have this group of die-hards, like myself, that will stay in the core team, whatever happens.

It’s incredible to see what a group of volunteers is capable of. We are all on a shared mission: to encourage the adoption of DigiByte technology and cryptocurrency through awareness, education, and development. Of critical importance in our motivation to do what we do is the truly amazing work of the core-team of DigiByte developers. Over the last year alone protocol developments like Odocrypt, Dandelion and DigiAssets, have demonstrated DigiByte’s unique asset – the ability to deliver multiple forward thinking protocol development in record time.

Also important to mention that the DigiByte Awareness Team would not be here today without the great support and trust of the amazing DigiByte community. And let’s not forget our partners like Antum, V-ID, Vertbase and Block 30 Labs. They trust and believe in the technology, project development and the people and they are putting their future partially in the hands of DigiByte.

Knowing what we know today, after one year’s experience with the DGBAT and DigiByte, I have more confidence in the future of DigiByte than ever before. Count yourself lucky that you are an early adopter. The future looks bright, but let’s never forget, it takes us all to build that future with DigiByte.

Written by: Rudy Bouwman – CMO, DGBAT

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