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May 19, 2019
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June 7, 2019

The Power of Decentralization

digibyte digitorial

When I first joined the DGBAT a year ago I had no idea how profoundly my worldview would change. We hear all the time just how great decentralization is, it’s a paradigm shift, it’s a different kind of freedom, etc. However, it always feels a bit intangible, this glorious promise of a new way to exist. I would like to use this digitorial to give a more concrete description from my first hand experience.

The power of decentralization is the ability to unlock passion and drive for those who truly want to change the world but have been shackled to the legacy world of titles and “playing the game” to get ahead.

The people I have worked with in the DigiByte community inspire and amaze me everyday. I am so impressed by the developers that work constantly to find solutions and work with the community to create true tools open for everyone, the marketing teams that take the initiative only limited by their imagination on how to reach the masses and the boots on the ground going to conferences, meetups and area businesses to educate them on how the applications of the DigiByte blockchain can enhance security and offer innovative payment solutions.

We are all volunteers, trying to access our true super powers and combine our varied skills to support each other on our projects. It’s truly a beautiful thing to be a part of. Decentralization is not always easy though. We are the bad news bears of the blockchain (if you haven’t watched that movie you should). We come from different backgrounds, perspectives and political views. It’s a form of diversification that can sometimes trigger our egos. We all are passionate about this project in the hope that it can truly help humanity in the long run. Our DigiByte family is much like any other family that loves each other. We may have disagreements, but we use these moments to grow, learn, listen, and respect each other for the gifts we bring to the table.

I have watched the DGBAT evolve in so many ways, as we bring new people into the fold and add new skills to our collective repertoire, it is becoming a lean mean fighting machine. From our vantage point we see the needs of the technology and community to usher in the mass adoption of DigiByte.

We have also cheered on and supported members as they create solutions to benefit the entire crypto community. More teams have spurred out of our collective endeavor. Changeangel is an incredible and tangible example of the power of decentralization.

Changeangel is a swap exchange that was the vision of two core members of the DGBAT. Jin and Dean (I don’t think these guys ever sleep). They spent many months tapped into this community, they saw some of the challenges DigiByte faced first hand. In true decentralized form, they took the initiative to build a use case for DigiID/AntumID (thanks Matthew and Jan), they understood the divisiveness in this space is counter productive to the mission of mass adoption. So they built a community for communities, the exchange doesn’t just list coins. They support the ecosystems of these projects in marketing and donations. Changeangel has brought communities together to do what the DGBAT has done. Connecting all these superheroes, giving them the place to share their powers to help each other.

So what is the true power of decentralization? It’s understanding that we all, individually, are incredibly powerful. When you combine that realization with the passion of wanting the world to be a more secure, more fair, more efficient place for our next generation, we become a limitless force of good that is getting stronger every day just like the blockchains we support. What is our block time? It is instantaneous, because we are constantly growing, solving and evolving. Oh how exciting it will be to watch the teams and collective bring forth the world we thought only possible in our dreams. Until now.

Written by Laura Taylor, DGBAT outreach & community development officer.
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