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The Power of Decentralization
June 4, 2019
DigiByte (DGB) – Dominate Start to 2019 – Crypto Asset with Growing Utility
June 19, 2019

When Innovation Unites


The most revolutionary hardware wallet on the market, Bitfi, to include the world’s longest, fastest and most secure UTXO blockchain in existence, DigiByte (DGB), to Wallet Ecosystem

Asheville, NC, June 4, 2019 – Bitfi announced today that it will be adding support for cybersecurity oriented cryprocurrency DigiByte (DGB) and contributing to its global adoption. The Bitfi core team believes that DigiByte (DGB) with its battle tested, multi-layered security approach and 15 sec. block speed (40x faster than Bitcoin) is the most important public blockchain next to Bitcoin (BTC) and is a critical payment gateway and value protection system.

“It is difficult for the average investor to navigate a confusing array of blockchains and cryptocurrencies many of which are driven by hype, fancy white papers, or high tech features which have yet to materialize. Teams promise amazing new features but rarely deliver”, said Bitfi co-founder Daniel Khesin and continued, “DigiByte was created in 2014 by a true visionary, Jared Tate, and has been able to achieve all the features needed for a robust and reliable currency and an extremely secure blockchain.”


Bitfi began talks with the DigiByte  (DGB) community after being approached over social media by key team members and looked into the blockchain. “As a currency DigiByte (DGB) is simply unmatched and as a network, extraordinarily stable. We feel that it is important to have secondary reliable blockchains and alternate payment rails to protect Bitcoin and investors in the event of attack. This is that investment-grade cryptocurrency opportunity, and that investment needs to be secured.”


Bitfi feels that DigiByte is distinguished for the following reasons:

  • DigiByte has never had an ICO and never had any large pre-mine (0.25 % was used in first two weeks of DGB’s existence in 2014 as developer bounties for first mobile & mac wallets, mining pools, block explorer and 0.25% was given away to thousands of non miner users for increased adoption before DGB was ever listed on an exchange). As a result, it is widely distributed and there is no concentrated supply held by any entity.
  • DigiByte (DGB) is 100% battle tested and has been in operation since 2014.


  • It is one of the most decentralized blockchains following Bitcoin with well over 275,000 full node downloads since 2017. Verifiable from GitHub release stats:  http://www.somsubhra.com/github-release-stats/?username=digibyte&repository=digibyte
  • It has extremely high protection from 51% attacks by utilizing 5 different mining algorithms simultaneously (SHA256, Scrypt, Skein, Groestl, and Qubit). Each algorithm receives 20% of the block rewards and has automatic difficulty adjustment.
  • DigiByte can scale on chain to well over 500 transactions per second and transactions are fast with 15 second blocks.
  • DigiByte transactions are very cost effective making it an outstanding payment system.


With 5 years of cutting-edge innovation tethered to a strong focus on blockchain security and stability DigiByte (DGB) is a currency that Bitfi believes will have massive ongoing growth and development. The integration into the Bitfi Hardware Wallet will allow investors to secure larger amounts without concern for safety.


The Bitfi Hardware wallet is an open-source, revolutionary hardware wallet capable of securing any digital asset without storing private keys or personal information.

For more information please contact Candice Nelms at bitfimedia@gmail.com or visit https://go.bitfi.com.

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