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June 19, 2019
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August 21, 2019

What does it take for mass adoption?

digibyte digitorial

What does it take for mass adoption?

This is an important question on the minds of every blockchain and cryptocurrency enthusiast. A multi faceted question with many answers.

It takes, education, accessibility, awareness, etc. But like any new technology it takes use cases.

One of the easiest to understand and implement (I say one because the use cases of blockchain seem to be endless) is an alternative to legacy currency systems.

I won’t go off on a diatribe on why fiat (unbacked currency) is so destructive. If you are reading this digitorial it is like preaching to the choir. However, there are some amazing people in this space helping to educate, support and raise awareness on the ways to accept and spend cryptocurrency in lieu of fiat.

I am dedicating this digitorial to accept cryptoz. This is a website that lists the businesses accepting crypto currency. It was started by two members of the DigiByte Awareness Team, Cedric and Andy, who saw a need for people and businesses to connect to each other.

They built a website to do just that. But they went a step farther. Thanks to the inspiration and guidance of John Moore aka Johnny Litecoin. They also started to approach businesses and teach them how to integrate this new payment method. John was gracious enough to skype with the team and give pointers. They hit the ground running and haven’t stopped for a second. At the time of this writing they have listed over 700 businesses worldwide.

This volunteer effort doesn’t just provide free marketing, they also provide businesses the window decals and support materials to educate themselves and their customers. I am so proud of the efforts made by my fellow team members and other leaders in this community.

And like changeangel, the swap exchange also built by members of the DGBAT. Accept cryptoz is bigger than just DigiByte. They are supporting other amazing projects like Litecoin, Bitcoin, Ravencoin, Groestlcoin, Vertcoin and always looking for more . If you’re a business looking to enter the future and respect your customers right to choose crypto. Reach out to them. They are a gift to us all.

Everyone will use and support the tools that work best for themselves. I will always opt to use the tools my friends built.

Written By Laura Taylor, DGBAT Core Member and Advisor at Breakthrough Blockchian

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  1. Avatar Rebecca White says:

    Great article Laura. Education is key to understanding that people have a choice to use a decentralized currency (of their choosing!) We all need to know where we can spend it and Accept Cyptoz is a great resource. Cheers!

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