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August 15, 2019
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New Eyes

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Today I wanted to briefly touch on where our efforts should lie in regards to marketing DigiByte and community outreach. This is a topic that has been on my mind quite a bit lately and I find it imperative to DigiByte’s overall awareness and ultimate success.


I’ll begin with a fitness analogy (“Really Luke?”…) Bear with me. Anyone who weight trains can recognize the importance of working the entire body. Imagine if you were a very busy person and had limited time to work out every week. Now let’s say you visited your local gym 3 days a week and performed “Calf raises” from beginning to end each and every session. Aside from how idiotic this would be, it would also lead to imbalances, missed opportunities, and an overall inefficient use of your time. Now if you broke those 3 sessions up into an upper/lower split with a day of cardio thrown in as well, you would see massive improvements. 


Of course this all leads back to how I see DigiByte awareness efforts and the significance of putting new eyes on this project we all love. If the bulk of our efforts revolve around reaching out to the same folks, with the same ideas, who have audiences made up of like-minded people, the road to the top will only get steeper and higher. We need to work the entire body, or in this case we really need to make an effort to introduce this technology to the 99%. Sure, is it easier to reach out to a crypto specific youtuber/podcaster/influencer/company and steer them towards DigiByte? Of course. But is it as rewarding as directing a non-crypto specific youtuber/podcaster/influencer/companies attention towards DigiByte? I would argue no. Some of us spend so much time on “Crypto Twitter” we forget that 99% (don’t hold me to that stat) of the world isn’t onboard yet with blockchain technology and some of these ideas and concepts that seem so obvious to us. While we all long for the days of “Mass adoption”, many of us forget exactly how that is achieved. We certainly won’t get there without branching outside of our bubble. What is my point? We need to embrace rejection, difficult conversations, ridicule, resistance to change, ignorance etc., to break through to the other side and reach those 99%. Now this is a far more intimidating path and will yield a lower success rate, more frustration, and higher likelihood of being straight up ignored. So why would I encourage this? The simple answer is because I believe the reward is completely worth it. We need new eyes on this project and preaching to the choir can only take us so far. It’s time to take the obvious next step.


Here are some examples of what I mean.


When trying to spread DigiByte awareness look to direct your attention towards:

– Setting up DigiByte interviews with all-encompassing tech podcasts rather than a crypto youtuber

– Reporters who cover general tech/business and finance/politics etc., rather than a “Crypto news site”

– Influential figures who don’t spend a majority of their time pushing blockchain

– Tech companies who could utilize Digi-Assets for their businesses rather than trying to get DigiByte listed on an exchange

– Utilizing more general hashtags on twitter such as #Technology, #FinTech, #Cybersecurity rather than #DigiByte, #Blockchain, #Cryptocurrency (Anyone can do this one!)


This is just a brief list of how you, as a DigiByte community member, can shift to new target audiences. I am by no means saying that these thing don’t have their place or don’t have value, but what I am saying is they shouldn’t make up 100% of the pie chart. This is also not meant to say that others are not already doing exactly as I’ve described. Active DigiByte community members are doing this every day and I absolutely love their contributions. This is simply meant to alter your mindset and give you a different perspective on what it means to market DigiByte. We are all just volunteers and I can’t express my appreciation enough for what everyone in our amazing community has done, is doing, and will do going forward. Hopefully this turns on a lightbulb in one DigiByte advocates mind and sparks some motivation. If that’s the case I will consider this little write up completely worth my time. Keep being the most active and forward thinking community in the world of blockchain everyone!


Written by: Luke R, DGBAT Core member.

Luke is a prominent member of the DGBAT Core group and regularly communicates with businesses. Please follow Luke on twitter for his latest updates. His twitter handle is @lukedigibyte

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