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September 13, 2019
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September 30, 2019

Never a Dull Moment on Cryto Twitter

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Back in July Binance Business Development team reached out to Rudy Bouwman – Chief Marketing Officer & Co-Founder DigiByte Awareness Team. They wanted to resume conversations. Very surprising to see a first move by Binance. After checking if not being scammed, it seems all was legit and true.

The first call with the Binance BD team was a video call with Rudy. He attended a very nice conversation with nice people showing a lot of respect. They were well informed about past issues, and were called misunderstandings.

The DigiByte team started the application process by sharing additional information and updates about the DigiByte project. A follow-up call was required and Jared Tate was included. In that call the team asked if we had a possibility to allocate funds (300K) for marketing and 2% of the supply for security deposit. It was made clear that this was not possible because we are not a company, no ICO but a decentralized community. They showed sympathy, respect and understanding. Binance is a commercial business, and they have the right to ask for money. In the past, DGBAT has been talking to another exchange, and they were asking 600K for Marketing and as usual we have managed to get listed on there for free.

Their question about funds apparently touched that nerve with Jared. It’s no secret we weren’t happy about his already famous tweet. We at DGBAT believe that any confidential information in a discussion should not be made public, moreover if made public, then it should be correct and in the right context. Apparently experiences from the past between Jared and CZ seems to keep dragging on. But let’s be honest, it shows that Jared really cares about the project he created, and he really cares about the community. In his latest video he showed his worries and some bad experiences with centralized exchanges in a more professional way with valid concerns.

Every exchange should be able to list DigiByte, regardless of whether it’s being endorsed by team members or not. It’s everyone’s own responsibility to perform due diligence before using any broker or exchange and store coins in an online wallet. To be honest, we’d rather see DGB listed on Binance, instead of random shady exchanges that DGB was listed in the past and people unfortunately got scammed and lost their funds.

As with every storm, also this one will pass. Every storm might bring some damage, but never unrepairable. The relation between DGBAT and Jared did not change. We learn a lot from each other and there is a lot of respect and admiration for both sides.

As usual DGBAT will continue to focus on awareness, education, business development, outreach, meet-up and events. DGBAT had been created back in 2018 to encourage adoption, integration and application of the DigiByte technology. We want to encourage commercial businesses to build on top of the DigiByte Blockchain and support the creation of more applications using DigiByte Technology.

We also believe that liquidity is important. Therefore DGBAT will continue to look for ways to increase liquidity. More liquidity will bring more attention to DigiByte, it will make DigiByte interesting for institutional traders. It will expand the opportunities for new partnerships and open doors worldwide. It could eventually lead to a higher market cap and it will make DigiByte technology more interesting for businesses.

Would like to assure everyone that we are not here for a quick buck and this is not about greed. DGBAT just plant seeds to have DigiByte growing to become one of the most applied and life-changing technologies on earth, and therefore one of the best projects for investors who are looking for a decent ROI.

With respect towards

DigiByte Community Core members Partners

DigiByte Awareness Team (DGBAT) www.DGBAT.org

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