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October 29, 2019
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November 20, 2019

A business fueled by Digibyte Blockchain!

Sharing the success story of the very first Digi asset farm.

It all started from being a crypto-fanatic and believing that DigiByte is backed up with amazing and unbeatable technology that will not just change the world, but make everything easier and seamless for everyone. To ensure everybody knows that the sky is the limit with DigiByte innovation, we thought of a plan to relate DigiByte with our genuine business. Our primary objective was to extend our shrimp farming business, purchase another land and start crab farming.

It wasn’t going to be an easy start as no one has ever tried it before. We are not sure what the outcome will be. However, we strongly believe that DigiByte has support and a great community. DigiByte’s innovative technology is extremely reliable. We launched our SC Digi Farm Digi Asset on the 11th of September 2019 to help expand our shrimp farm business. We created a total of 1000 assets and to our surprise, it sold like hot cakes. We were sold out within 3 weeks and acquired a total of 94 SC farm asset holders. This is an immense achievement and demonstrates that nothing is unimaginable with DigiByte and its locale.

We successfully bought the land on the 14th of October 2019 and put our first set on the land on the 21st of October 2019. Our asset holder’s first payout will be in December 2019. It started strongly and the advancement of the farm is consistent. We are also pleased to tell everybody that SC Farm has a partnership with for our merchandise that is now available worldwide. Different stock items are accessible, for example, shirts, mugs, coats and the sky is the limit from there. This is the best partnership we’ve closed so far as we accept crypto as payment which is perfect as our primary objective isn’t simply to bolster digital currency however to likewise help for mass reception.

SC Farm also focuses on helping local people. We are also proud to mention that everyone who works at our farm are locals and they still use the old way of building things. Our very first construction at the farm, was a bridge, which was constructed manually to have easy access to our land and farm resort. We will also make sure that DigiByte is introduced to them, as it is the future

The success of SC Farm is really massive and to make sure that we can maximize all opportunities, we are starting to build a SC resort since we have a good location. Almost 9 million tourists visited the Pangasinan Hundred Islands and a lot of beautiful tourist spots around the area. We will have an eco-resort farm, we focus on letting our guest experience the Filipino tradition by providing a “bahay-Kubo” or Nipa huts for accommodation – Philippine National House is a house on stilts indigenous to the cultures of the Philippines. This makes sure that tourists will enjoy and learn more about Filipino culture. We will also provide farm tours to make sure that all guests will be educated on how the shrimp and crab farming work. We will not just provide accommodation to stay, but we want to make sure that the stay will not just be memorable, but also educational, making it unforgettable for everyone. And to help mass adoption, our resort will be the very first resort in Pangasinan that won’t accept FIAT payments because we will only accept crypto pay.

To give back to the DigiByte community, we plan to start a coffee shop where the main payment currency will be DGB. To make sure that people get interested in DGB, we also plan to give free DGB with every coffee sale. This way, we can help spread the word about how amazing DigiByte is.

We always wanted to help the needy since we started our farm business. We have regularly help the local community. We started giving food and gifts to Filipinos, 3 years ago and to our surprise other SC asset holders wanted to participate. We’ve successfully launched SC Help, aiming to help more people. It is indeed another success story as we were able to help 25 families in just a few weeks and we have another set of gifts ready to be given away this month.

With the massive success of SC Farm powered by DigiByte, opportunities will never stop. We still have upcoming projects not just for our farm but also to support DigiByte and its community. If you want to see the ongoing progress of the very first Digi asset farm, please visit our website at

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