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November 20, 2019
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November 21, 2019

Trust, the DigiByte way

As most of you know, we recently launched the DigiByte Foundation. Not only an enormous step in the further development and adaptation of DigiByte, but in the eyes of the Foundation also a giant step towards becoming the leader of true decentralization, and the pilot for the crypto and blockchain community at large.

My personal experiences over the cause of the past few weeks — when we were setting up the DigiByte Foundation — made me not only realize, but firsthand experience, the true and special value of trust and how unique that always is.

Trust, we all perceive and value it differently, often based on the situation and the people involved. For some it is really personal and special, some see it as an extension of a relationship, for others it is merely a characteristic of blockchain technology, sometimes it can be a bridge too far. Trust is especially important when something special or valuable is at stake. A Foundation for instance is important to DigiByte and its community. Giving someone the keys to that Kingdom so to say is a leap of faith of that community, and requires trust in the outcome and in the people involved.

As a relative newcomer in the DigiByte community, I can only be in awe of that trust given. That is in my view particularly so demonstrated by Jared Tate, founder of DigiByte, and the DigiByte Awareness Team. When discussing the outline of the Foundation and the setup with Jared, his response was instantaneous and automatically that he should not be part of the Foundation. That is important for many reasons, but maintaining independence and decentralized are the most important ones. Not being part of the Foundation was not an issue for Jared; it did not even cross his mind. Secondly the DGBAT, or DigiByte Awareness Team. They have been working hard and relentless on building a strong community, and focus on education and outreach. A team of very smart and dedicated people has for the past year and a half put in place a strong and crucial “foundation” for the Foundation. Without that effort, we could never even think of launching a Foundation. The DGBAT has been and will be instrumental in the Foundation’s success. Lastly, I would like to mention my fellow Board members, Rudy Bouwman and Rutger Krijnen, who have shown their trust in me by asking me to be the Chair. That trust from my fellow Board members, the DGBAT, and from Jared, is an unbelievable honor and privilege. This trust sets us — the DigiByte Foundation — apart from the other Foundations and will be proof to be the key to its success, and by that for the DigiByte community.

This article is not written because I want to make DigiByte and its community looks extra good and special. They are of course, but no, it is intended to demonstrate that trust in blockchain is not merely the pure trustless trust. That leans heavily on technology, as defined by Kevin Wernbach. He defines a form of trustless trust in the decentralized world that there can be trust in an outcome even without knowing the stakeholders or the process. In this case, I believe trust was based on decentralization — a deep rooted peer to peer belief — that others can equally face a certain challenge ahead. That believe is not based on an algorithm, but founded on an unwavering believe in the community, its actors, and which she stands for.

Having experienced that trust from the DigiByte community was and is an extraordinary experience, and trust me (no pun intended) a motivator and a catalyst to not only do the job at hand, but work hard to show that this trust was justified.

If you want to be part of this dream, and work together with us in the Foundation, and work on further decentralizing the world, and empowering the DigiByte community, well, we are still looking for additional members to join us.

Please read this Medium article for more details and of course the Digibyte Foundation website.

We also encourage you to connect with us, please see below how.

Hans Koning
Chairman DigiByte Foundation.

Website: www.digibytefoundation.io

Email: info@digibytefoundation.io

Twitter: @DGB_Foundation

LinkedIn: www.linkedin.com/in/digibytefoundation

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