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November 21, 2019
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DGB.community email launch!
December 31, 2019

DGBAT Developer Bounty

Calling all Technically minded people.

In the interest of furthering DigiAsset adoption and improving its distributed nature, DGBAT would like to announce our first Development Bounty:

Prize: 15,000DGB

To win this bounty you must be the first to:

1. Submit detailed and commented step by step instructions to install and configure:

1a) digibyted
1b) digiassetsd
1c) DigiAssets Block Explorer
1d) DigiAssets Metadata Server
1e) minio
1f) Any other software required to run a self sufficient DigiAsset Server

2. Instructions must be detailed and accurate enough that a novice could install on a clean installation of Ubuntu 18.04 LTS

3. Including if necessary a list of ports that must be forwarded(instructions on how to forward not needed)

Please submit to matthew @ dgbat.org

Anyone interested in seeing more of these bounties please donate to Development Fund wallet at dgbat.org/donate

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