Get DGB Payment Integrated Into your Merchants and blockchain applications – Partnering with ForgingBlock Gateway!

ForgingBlock Cryptocurrency Gateway Partnership

We are happy to participate in a non-exclusive partnership with ForgingBlock Cryptocurrency Payment Gateway. ForgingBlock is focused on helping large enterprises, small businesses and developers seamlessly integrate advanced payment solutions, and also provides software that utilizes advanced technologies such as blockchain, cryptocurrency and big data analysis.

Signup today! And get your stores and applications to integrate DGB payment!  Please fill in the SignUp sheet and ForgingBlock team will contact will shortly.

Figure 1 Forging Block Cryptocurrency Gateway

ForgingBlock is providing the DigiByte community and their merchants API, E-commerce plugins, Widget, Merchants Dashboard and Wallets to allow the business and blockchain applications to accept payments in DigiByte.


ForgingBlock Cryptocurrency Payment API  

is a robust payment gateway with a fast response with comprehensive development documentations.  The API allow developers from the DigiByte community to directly integrate DigiByte to their applications which involve payment transactions.

Figure 2 ForgingBlock Cryptocurrency gateway API


ForgingBlock e-commerce plugins 

For the most popular shopping carts to make integrations fast and easy, even for non-technical users. Currently they are supporting 5 popular plugins including WooCommerce, PrestaShop, OpenCart, Zen Cart, and Magento 2.

Figure 3 ForgingBlock Cryptocurrency Gateway e-commerce plugin

Forging Block DGB Promotion

Currently ForgingBlock is providing the DigiByte community the following member promotion:  A free POS device to every merchant* who integrates the ForgingBlock DigiByte payment gateway and their credit card payment services. 

Point of Sale (POS) system will be delivered to US merchants within 3 days after a credit card payment application is finished. For other countries, the devices will be delivered within 3 months of application.


Please fill up the SignUp sheet and the ForgingBlock team will contact will shortly.