Why start a meetup?

If you are reading this, you are part of the innovators/early adopters of DigiByte. A meetup is a way to help those in your community get connected and reduce the learning curve for newbies. This space is so large and overwhelming at times, having a “real life” community of enthusiasts fosters a deeper understanding for everyone. You can think of a meetup like a super cool study group.


Does it require a lot of time?

A meetup can be whatever you like it to be. For example, if you only want to meet once a month, it can take just a few hours of dedicated time each month to facilitate a successful event. However, you can also choose to take it up a notch if that’s your desire. Some examples would be reaching out to other meetups and doing joint sessions or even mini conferences. The sky’s the limit, and the choice is yours depending on the time and resources of your founding team.


Does it cost money?

Not necessarily, the meetup app is free. If you choose to have marketing materials or refreshments, then there can be some cost incurred. Being sponsored by a company can help with that.



Start with a team; your team is essential to the success of your group. Being on a team allows you to spread workload and collaborate on ideas. Ideally, your team is diversified in talents, so you optimize the potential. Your team needs to be people you can work well with. If you don’t have anyone to work with, start the meetup and network with the members to see who would like to help you with your effort of building a community. You will be shocked by the enthusiasm the group generates; it won’t take long to build your team.


Pick a venue:

You can have your meetup just about anywhere. However, reaching out to local tech businesses would be good place to start. They might have space with technology that would support teleconferencing guest speakers. Some sponsors even provide refreshments, a budget for marketing materials, etc. Go ahead and ask, the worst people can say is no. You, at a minimum, would do best with a venue that has free internet. However, having projectors is very helpful. You can also reach out to schools and see if they will allow you to use a classroom.


Pick a time:

Having a meetup at the same time every month is very beneficial for your members. You and your team can create a calendar for your events and decide what best suits your community needs. Most are once a month, but you can even do more often if that is works.


Step up Your Meetup Page:

Meetup website


Get organized:

There are several types of social networking apps that help you stay connected to your group and keep a repository of information. Check out slack or trello. Use what you feel best suits your needs. It’s a wonderful way to keep up to date with your members and post articles and information, and make announcements. Keeping members involved between meetings will foster the community.


Choose a topic:

For your first meetup a general networking and “get to know you” time is a good way to start. Talk to your members, find out what they are interested in. After that you can come up with topics like, mining, wallets, security etc. After finding what the talents are of your members, reach out to them and ask them to present. This is a classic example of positive community collaboration.

On behalf of the Digibyte awareness team, we thank you for spreading awareness. As our site is updated we will have more resources available to help you in your efforts. Good luck and have fun.

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For additional information or questions, please feel free to reach out to Laura T. at laura@dgbat.org