2014, Jan

DigiByte Blockchain launched

2014, Jan

Xtrapool organizes the first DigiByte mining Pool

2014, Jan

DigiByte releases Android Wallet

2014, Feb

DigiShield hardfork at block 67,200. DigiByte developers in response to multi-pool attacks test and develop an asymmetrical difficulty adjustment system named "DigiShield"

2014, Apr

Professional presentation of the DigiByte blockchain at the first ever cryptocurrency convention in New York City

2014, Aug

DigiByte listed on Bittrex Exchange

2014, Sep

MultiAlgo hardfork at block 145,000. DigiByte plans & successfully deploys its second hardfork to allow miners to mine on five independent mining algorithms & is the first blockchain to implement such a change.

2014, Nov

DigiByte officially announces a $250,000 private investment to build services around the DigiByte Blockchain, as well as a strategic collaboration with TofuGear Ltd., of Hong Kong

2014, Dec

MultiShield hard fork at block 400,000. DigiByte deploys and executes its third hard fork to improve network performance alongside a reward reduction to extend DigiByte production to 21 years.

2015, Jan

DigiByte releases DigiHash Easy Miner for beginners.

2015, Jan

DigiByte releases first Web Based Multi-Signature Wallet

2015, Jan

The first DigiByte wallet gets approved & listed on the Apple iTunes store

2015, Feb

DigiByte listed on Poloniex Exchange.

2015, Mar

DigiHash Easy Miner 2.0 released

2015, Jun

DigiByte added to the Coinomi Wallet

2015, Jun

DigiByte Gaming Wallet released for Android and Chrome

2015, Sep

DigiByte Gaming Chrome App Updated

2015, Sep

DigiSpeed hardfork at block 1,430,000

2015, Nov

DigiByte Android Wallet updated.

2015, Dec

DigiByte releases DigiByte wallet v4.0.0

2016, Mar

Jared Tate speaks as “Blockchain and Bitcoin Africa conference 2016”

2016, Mar

Jared Tate speaks at FinDEVr New York 2016

2016, Apr

Byte Academy Finance and Technology Community meet up “Blockchain intro + Business

2016, Apr

DigiByte is presented at LA Games Conference 2016

2016, Apr

DigiByte partners with Slingshot eSports to provide a use case for DigiByte Gaming and blockchain based advertising in the gaming world

2016, Apr

Digibyte attends CollisionHQ

2016, May

Jared Tate speaks at Finovate 2016 in San Jose

2016, May

DigiByte attends RISE conference 2016

2016, Jun

Jared Tate speaks at the Global Blockchain Summit 2016

2016, Jun

Officially partnering with Microsoft Biz Spark

2016, Jun

DigiBot Version 3.0 Update — Telegram Tipping

2016, Nov

Jared Tate speaks about DigiByte and the future of Blockchain technology at CreditSuisse

2017, Apr

DigiByte Segwit signalling

2017, Apr

First major blockchain to implement SegWit support, ahead of BTC/LTC etc

2017, Apr

First Segwit test block on version 6.13.1 has been mined on the main DigiByte blockchain

2017, May

Developer Playground released.

2017, May

DiguSign, to securely store, notarize, validate and secure documents in the DigiByte blockchain.

2017, Jun

Digibyte Emma Release. The first part of the future AI aspect of DigiByte.

2017, Jun

DiguSign has been selected as a finalist for the Citi Bank Tech 4 integrity challenge

2017, Jun

Jared Tate speaks and participates on a panel discussion at Citi bank Tech 4 integrity challenge.

2017, Jun

Wirex Digibyte Debit Card issued.

2017, Jul

First DigiByte Transaction at Blocknet Decentralize Exchange.

2017, Aug

DigiByte add to the Coinpayments.net payment gateway

2017, Aug

DigiByte rebranding

2017, Sept

DigiByte add By Buyucoin and HitBTC

2017, Oct

Digibyte's new website released

2017, Oct

Clifford Chance announces Tech for Integrity legal award to DigiByte.

2017, Oct

DigiByte add by Upbit, Kucoin, Barterdex, Coinspot, Coingate, HitBTC, Bit-Z Exchanges

2017, Oct

DigiByte integrated to Ledger Nano and Blue wallets.

2017, Oct

Jared Tate as speaks at Texas Bitcoin Conference 2017

2017, Nov

Trezor updates device firmware for Digibyte Support

2017, Nov

“Top Airport Parking” accepts DigiByte as a payment currency, in 25 Airports and Cruises.

2017, Nov

DigiByte Foundation website launched

2017, Dec

DigiByte lists on Crypto Change, Cryptobridge, AlcurEX, OKEX, Bitotal, Changelly, EVERCOIN, IAZO Exchanges.

2017, Dec

DigiByte added to Kamoney payment gateway

Q1 2018

1) DigiByte is available for atomic swap trading on Komodo platform decentralize exchange

2) DigiByte iOS wallet has been submitted to Apple store for testing approval

3) DigiByte added to Bittylicious exchange

4) DigiByte added to Coindirect, Coinome, Indacoin, Bitfeks, Shiftexexchanges

5) Update Core Protocol 6.15.3 wallet.

6) Active testing of Core Protocol 6.16.1. First crypto wallet that allows sending SegWit transaction from a GUI interface

7) Announcing the DigiByte Bounty Fund for Experienced C/C++ developer

8) The Digibyte Foundation update

9) Jared Tate as speaks at MIT Bitcoin Expo

10) DigiByte added to ABRAGlobal, Sistemcoin

11) DigiByte.io email DMARC record active

12) DigiByte OneClickMiner released

13) DigiByte wallet v6.15.2 released

14) Apple approves iOS wallet for Test Flight Beta testing

15) DigiByte integration with Trezor

16) DigiByte Core Wallet 6.16.1 announced

17) Core Wallet Speed improvements over 6.14.2, now fully syncs over 6 million blocks in ~2hrs

18) First major blockchain to support SegWit in 6.16.1

19) Initial DigiByte Developer Bounty Fund

20) DigiByte Core Wallet 6.16.2 released, additional minor fixes over 6.16.1

21) DigiByte initial philanthropic venture in Venezuela completed, fed 160 orphan children for over a month

22) Mobile (Android & iOS) redesign contest begins

Q2 2018

1) Jared Tate speaks at 'The business, Regulation, and Technology of Blockchain Conference'

2) Community voting starts for DigiByte's new mobile UI

3) DigiByte added to OkcoinKR, bitexlive Exchanges

4) Jared speaks at MIT Blockchain Club 2018

5) Announcing 4th Bounty DigiID integration with Android & iOS wallet

6) Digibyte Available at Exodus wallet

7) Proposal for the use of Digibyte in David Hay's Crypto cucuta project

8) DigiByte Android Beta Support DigiID

9) DigiID's Digi-ID.io website launched

10) DigiByte added to Bitit, Instaswap, Coinbrood, Maplechange, vertpig Exchanges

11) Digibyte available at Guarda Wallet

12) Digibyte available at JAXXliberty Wallet

13) Digibyte available at Atomic Wallet

14) Abra list DigiByte for trading

15) DigiByte integration with Exodus Wallet

16) Final MVP release of DigiByte App for Android accepted to Google Play Store

17) Digi-ID.io website launched along with promo video and supporting documentation

18) Example Digi-ID libraries now available for 3rd-party integrators

19) DigiByte Developer Bounty Fund completed successfully

20) DigiByte's second philanthropic venture in Venezuela is a success. Helped a school with Technology, cryptocurrency and classroom supplies

21) Mobile redesign contest completed successfully, design implemented

22) Linda mobile ) web wallet support for DigiByte added

23) Guarda Mobile wallet for DigiByte

24) Atomic Wallet for DigiByte

25) DigiByte supoprt added on Coinomi for iOS

26) DigiByte One-click miner released for easy GPU-mining

27) Founding of the DigiByte Awareness Team (DGBAT)

28) DX Exchange will list DigiByte at launch

Q3 2018

1) Digital Currency Con 2018

2) UTRUST integration

3) Android wallet releases

4) Digibyte added to Bitbox Line, Houbi Exchanges

5) iOS wallet releases

6) Guarda Desktop (Windows, OSX & Linux) released

7) Guarda DigiByte Web Wallet released

8) DigiByte for iOS accepted in to the Apple App Store

9) DigiByte Core Wallet 6.16.3 development commences

10) Native Bech32 generation in Core Wallet GUI

11) DigiByte Developer Bounty Round #2 announced

12) DigiByte for Android ) iOS application improvements, QR scanning, syncing

13) Obtaining a legal opinion with a non-security classification for DigiByte

14) DigiByte Integtrated to the Blockfolio App and Blockfolio Signals

15) First native mobile wallet with Bech32 / SegWit address generation (coming)

16) Core Wallet UI redesign commencement

17) DigiByte added to cointree, bitglo, coinsoda, xera, and basichange.com Venezuela exchange

18) Community contributor to Tour De Crypto

19) Edge wallet support DigiByte

20) DigiByte core wallet v6.16.4 released and 0% fee at digihash mining pool

21) Antum is excited to announce their integration of DigiByte Digi-ID with Antum-ID

22) Exodus wallet support SegWit address for DigiByte

23) Bitcoin Super Store accept DigiByte as payment option

24) Crypto Planet Store accept DigiByte as payment option

25) Token Business accept DigiByte as payment option

26) Morestamp Global accept DigiByte as payment option

27) DigiByte add by Changehero exchange

28) MyCryptoCheckout v2.16 Added support for the new “dgb1” and “S” DigiByte SegWit addresses

29) Jared tate speaks at the annual CryptoFinance conference in Oslo

30) digiexplorer.info support bech32 (dgb1)

31) Jared tate founder speaks at Digital Currency Con in New Orleans on Dec 3rd — 4th

32) Changelly supports DigiByte SegWit addresses

33) DigiByte Joins Africa Blockchain Alliance Promoting blockchain awareness and education in Africa

34) DigiByte added to CryTrex decentralized exchange, Alladin exchange

35) The DigiByte blockchain empower the V-ID corporate services

36) DigiByte wallet core protocol v6.16.5 released

37) the official DigiByte Awareness Team website released

38) Jared tated be a speaker at Austin startup week

39) submit coinbase listing application

40) DigiByte on Apple stocks application

41) Edge wallet is updated and started to use new S prefix segwit addresses

Q4 2018

1) DigiByte listed in the BitwiseInvest 20 Mid Cap Crypto Index

2) DigiByte available at coinpeak.io iOS version

3) DigiByte available to buy with euro at bitvavo via bank transfer

4) Digi-ID integration with Dyorhaven.com, first Blockchain Research and Social Networking platform

5) DigiByte news feed goes live on Delta Direct portfolio tracker app.

6) DigiByte added to Coinseed and Bitfineon exchanges.

8) DigiByte added to Lescovex exchange with USD, EUR, GBP, CAD, CHF, SEK, RON, trading pairs.

9) DigiByte integrated in to the Paytomat payment processing app.

10) DigiByte added to Extauri exchange.

11) South Korean exchange Upbit opens Singapore based exchange and offer the first DGB/SGD trading pair.

12) DigiByte listed on Canada's Cornfield exchange and MoonGo app. Trading pairs DGB/BTC and DGB/XRP. Q1-Q2, 2019 trading pairs will be USD, EUR, CADx GBP, JPY and AED.

13) DigiByte added to Bitfinex exchange with DGB/BTC and DGB/USD trading pairs.

14) HitBTC exchange adds DGB/TUSD trading pair.

15) DigiByte added to CDM Exchange

16) DigiByte added to ellipal hard wallet.

17) DigiByte added to SafeTrade exchange with DGB/BTC and DGB/SAFE trading pairs

18) DigiByte Announced the testing of 'Next Generation' ASIC resistant mining technology.

19) DigiByte Announced the testing of 'Next Generation' ASIC resistant mining technology.

20) DigiByte added to Flubit.com, the world's largest cryptocurrency enabled marketplace.

21) DigiByte added to Cryptofacil.com of Uruguay. Largest South American exchange powered by Bittrex.

22) On Sunday, November 18th, 2018, DigiByte has its first formal European meetup in London.

23) Digibyte added to Eterbase.com exchange with DGB trading pairs in BTC ETH TUSD and. EUR

24) DigiByte added to peer2.cash, peer2.krd crypto debit card and pungo android/iOS wallet.

25) DigiByte added to NewCash exchange, a Brazillian exchange.

26) DigiByte added to Guarda wallet mobile multi-wallet iOS and Android. Visit the DGBAT.org resources page to view all available wallets (Resources)

27) DigiByte added to BitUniverse.org multi-currency price tracker, stats and analysis, Android and iOS apps.

28) DigiByte integrated to PayByte.io multi platform payment gateway.

29) DigiByte added to vertbase.com with DGB/USD pair.

30) DigiByte added to Magnum wallet

31) DigiByte accepted as a payment method at Travela.com travel booking website.

32) DigiByte added to NovaExchange.com of Sweden, DGB/BTC and DGB/DOGE

33) DigiByte added to Raisex.io Exchange.

34) DigiByte added to Freewallet.org

35) DigiByte added to Coinbook.com exchang with DGB/USD trading pair.

36) DigiByte added to South American exchange Bitinka.com

Q1 2019

1) DigiByte added to Turkish exchange Bitturk.com with DGB/TRY pair.

2) DigiByte added to Coinfield exchanges with pairs in USD, CAD, GBP and EUR

3) Bittrex support DGB/USD trading pairs.

4) DigiByte added to South Korean exchange, probit.com with DGB/BTC trading pair.

5) DigiByte added to Bidali.com as a payment currency to their payment gateway and to purchase gift cards

6) DigiByte added to Estonian exchange Omoxie.com, with BTC, USDT, USD and EUR trading pairs.

7) DigiByte added to Cloverdex.io decentralized exchange is USD, AUD, EUR and GBP trading pairs.

8) DigiByte added to Beaxy exchange with DGB/BTC trading pair.

9) DigiByte added to DynX DEX as a base trading pair.

10) DigiByte added to Dutch exchange Bitlandon.com with 150 trading pairs and fiat purchase options.

11) Bullex.eu exchange based in the Netherlands announce DigiByte offerings sometime in Q1.

12) Changeangel.io swap exchnage announce that they offer DGB pairings at launch & give back program. Changeangel is first to announce using AntumID/Digi-ID as a login authentication method.

13) Paycent.com Debit/Credit card service offer DGB in their payment card, giving DGB access to 35 million + merchants in 150+counties.

14) Crytrex.com integrate Antum/Digi-ID as a login method.

15) DigiByte added to coinplan.com OTC crypto investing platform

16) Coinomi mobile wallet integrated DigiByte's Digi-ID. Coinomi wallet app users, can now use it to login to websites that has Digi-ID login/signup.

17) DigiByte added to Easyrabbit.net

18) DigiByte added to Gibraltar's covesting.io with DGB/BTC and DGB/ETH pairs.

19) DigiByte added to Uruguayan CryptoFacil.com exchange, serving all of Latim America.

20) DigiByte added to Crypto Debit Card and Wallet Polispay.com.

21) DigiByte added to large block over the counter (OTC) trading platform i2Trading.com with USD, EUR, GBP and YEN pairings

22) DigiByte added to unique CoinDAQ.net analysis and trading display terminal.

23) DigiByte added to crypto mining simulations game Crypto Idle Miner.

24) DigiByte added to augmented reality game, aircoins.co. Search and earn DigiByte using your mobile device.

25) Abra wallet enabled DigiByte native support and allow withdrawals of DigiByte.

26) Native Trezor Support

Q2 2019

1) DigiAssets launched. Info can be found here: https://github.com/DigiByte-Core/DigiAssets-Protocol-Specifications/wiki

2) MyTeamConnector Software has enhanced safety, integrity, authentication & security by implementing DigiByte's Digi-ID technology, to further secure the data of their clients.

3) DGB/KRW trading pair added to the ProBit exchange.

4) DigiByte added to Hong Kong based exchange Fex.hk (FexPro)

5) DigiByte added to BitFi hardware wallet.

6) DigiByte listed on Hong Kong based Hubi.com exchange with DGB/USDT trading pair

7) DigiByte added to UK based Satoshipoint.io cryptocurrency ATM machines.

8) DigiByte added to Hong Kong based ZGB.com exchange with DGB/BTC and DGB/USDT trading pairs.

9) DigiByte added to Spend.com Visa debit card.

10) DigiByte added to Dutch exchange Coinmerce with DGB/EUR trading pairs.

Q3 2019

1) DigiByte added to Dubai based RightBTC.com exchange with DGB/USD trading pair.

2) DGB/USDT trading pair added to Poloniex exchange.

3) DigiByte integrated to ZelCore wallet and multiasset platform.

4) DigiByte added to Hong Kong based CoinEx.com exchange with DGB/BCH, DGB/BCH trading pairs..

5) EUCX European exchange migrates their token from an ERC-20 token to a DigiAssets token on the DigiByte blockchain

6) DigiByte is now supported on the new ShapeShift platform.

7) Keepkey hardware wallet adds DigiByte support.

8) DGB/USDT trading pair added to CoinEx exchange.

9) Travala.com Joins Forces with DigiByte as their Recommended Travel Partner & integrated DigiByte as a native payment option.

10) BTC/ETH/USDT trading pair added to Lukki Exchange

11) DGB/USD trading pair added to Voyager

12) DGB/BTC trading pair added to Bitmart

13) DigiByte added to Binance backed SafePal hardware wallet

Q4 2019

1) DigiByte added to SecuX hardware wallet

2) DGB/BTC DGB/LTC. DGB/DASH. DGB/SCC trading pair added to Stakecube

3) Abra implements DigiByte direct deposits and withdrawals.

4) DGB added to Metal Pay

5) DigiByte added to Binance's Trustwallet

6) DGB/BTC, DGB/ETH trading pair added to Pionex

7) DGB/BTC, DGB/USDT trading pair added to VCC Exchange

8) DigiByte listed at VCC Exchange.

9) Pay with DigiByte for Booking.com hotels through Travala.com

10) Monarch wallet adds support for DigiByte

11) DigiByte live on Uphold for members in the US

12) Digi-ID is now supported on Ownbit wallet

13) Polispay app now enabled to use DGB on realworld goods and services through the prepaid Epay Mastercard and gift cards

Q1 2020

1) DigiByte added to Flare Wallet

2) DigiByte added to Flyp.me

Because DigiByte is being developed and supported by an unincorporated Foundation, Core-team and Community (all non-paid volunteers), we can never commit to dates to accomplish future projects. Therefore please consider future projects to be flexible in time.

Future developments:

1) DigiStats interactive / historical blockchain statistics website

2) Address book for Android & iOS applications

3) Scheduled & repeating mobile payments

4) Memo broadcast, support logging to blockchain using OP_RETURN

5) Further integration of DigiByte in payment processing solutions

6) More fiat- and USDT pairings on several exchanges

7) DigiAssets for launching ICO’s and other DApps on top of the DigiByte Blockchain

8) DigiByte Core Wallet v7.17.x

9) Digiman browser App

10) DigiMessenger App

11) Emma, Digibyte Artificial intelligence assistant

12) Scalability Enhancements

13) Speed Enhancements

14) Algo Swap

15) Artificial Block Intelligence

16) dApps will be built on the top layer of the DigiByte Blockchain, with the focus on CyberSecurity, AI and IOT