By purchasing from our sponsors listed in this page, you will be indirectly helping The DigiByte Awareness Team (DGBAT). is a crypto to crypto, wallet to wallet, no-custody, swap exchange service. The first currencies to be listed for direct swapping are: DGB, POT, GRS, DOGE, DCR, LTC, BTC, ETH and USDC.

But, there is more to the ChangeAngel story. We are on a mission to create sustainable ways to support non ICO, open-source, decentralized blockchain development. This means that as you buy your favorite cryptos, you are also supporting your favorite blockchain development. To start, we will donate a percentage of swap revenue to DigiByte, PotCoin, Groestle, Decred, LiteCoin and Doge to continue their development.


At Crypto Bantam we take top quality clothing by Flexfit, Next Level, American Apparel and Holloway and customize it with the DigiByte designs you love the most.

We ship internationally from centers in the USA and the EU and we donate up to 15% of every sale to support the activities of the DGBAT. Keep an eye out for special promotions supporting DigiByte activities, like the #HumanityRises and #DigiByteFlags ranges.


Visit: CryptoBantam

Ownbit wallet was founded in 2013 and was formerly known as BitBill. It is one of the first Bitcoin payment platforms and Bitcoin wallets in the world.

Ownbit Wallet focuses on blockchain technology and on creating an extremely secure digital wallet for people all over the world.

Ownbit have sponsored the DigiByte Awareness Team multisig wallets with their Ownbit Wallet that supports multisig transactions for DigiByte.

Visit: Ownbit

“Great Find Collectibles takes pride in bringing you the best selection of new and used Video Games, Comic Books, & Pop Culture collectibles. We work hard with dealers & distributors to bring our customers the quality collectibles they expect with prices, options, and service that keep our customers coming back.

At Great Find, we’ve been long time fans of the Digibyte blockchain & we’re proud to accept DGB for all products in our webstore. That’s why we’ve decided to donate 5% of the total sales paid in DGB to the DGBAT Global Fund!”

Visit: GreatFindComics

Fate Knocks features everyday items that are crypto and non-crypto related.  It is an easy-to-use site where new crypto users can be introduced to the speed and utility of DGB in a fun and non-technical way, businesses can get DGB-related items to highlight the messaging to their customers, or anyone can get a small gift for themselves or someone else while helping to raise awareness for DGB.

15% of the net proceeds from each purchase will be donated to the DigiByte Awareness Team as they work to increase the awareness and worldwide adoption of this amazing currency.  Climb aboard and join the movement!

Visit:  Fate Knocks

Kryptoez is excited to bring you the only available dotted DigiByte socks on the market.

If you’re a big DigiByte fan, then you know, together we need to spread the word about this amazing coin and what better way to do it than wearing a pair of high quality, uniquely designed DigiByte themed socks.

5% of all profit made from this purchase will go to The DigiByte Awareness Team to help with marketing efforts of this incredibly fast, secure and decentralized cryptocurrency! Men’s and Women’s sizes available.


1in256 is a provably fair competition site where you can win the latest tech while contributing to crypto awareness and good causes. Each week we offer a number of low priced competitions where every ticket has a 1 in 256 chance of winning, or better!

To ensure fairness the winner is chosen at random by the blockchain, in a manner which ensures that the result cannot be predetermined or manipulated. Once a competition is activated a share of each ticket cost goes to support one of our chosen causes.

Look out for the DGBAT competitions to support the work of the DigiByte Awareness Team.